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Eleazar Kim obtained his law degree form the University of West Los Angeles, School of Law. He is a knowledgeable trial attorney with experience in complex tort litigation, breach of warranty, product defects, and consumer fraud. In fact, he focuses on claims against auto manufacturers under Song-Beverly and Magnuson-Moss. Throughout his years practicing law, he has secured millions in compensation for consumers in different cases. Eleazar Kim has played a role in major mass tort actions, which include Ford Motor Warranty Cases, JCCP No. 4856 and 4924, and Nissan North America Warranty Cases, JCCP No. 5059. He has been successful in every federal and state trial so far and has worked tirelessly to represent thousands of clients and secure the maximum payout available.


Farid Yaghoubtil obtained his B.A. from UCLA and his J.D. from ALU. Throughout the years, he has always remained committed to his clients and to doing everything necessary to help them secure the highest recovery available. One of his areas of focus includes consumer protection under the lemon law. Farid is not afraid to take on any dealership or any auto manufacturer to protect the rights of his clients under the lemon law. He takes pride in providing all his clients, no matter the case, with the best representation available.


Salar Hendizadeh graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with degrees in Political Science and History; he later obtained his law degree from Loyola Law School. Today, he is known as an aggressive lawyer that will never hesitate to fight for the rights of his clients. In addition, his dedication to his clients and consistent positive results have caused Salar to be one of the most recognized – and sought after – lawyers in his field. He is experienced in consumer rights cases, specifically those under lemon law, and is ready to fight for the rights of all those who have been affected.


Nina Sargasyan obtained two separate degrees at the Yerevan State University in Armenia. She moved to the U.S. and continued her education. She attended USC Gould School of Law, where she obtained a Masters of Laws in 2013. She has multiple areas of practice, including premise liability, government liability, personal injury, wrongful death, and consumer protection under lemon law. She has successfully represented countless clients and has secured millions of dollars in compensation.


Daniel Azizi graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in History and obtained a law degree from Loyola Law School. Over his career, Azizi has remained committed to his clients and to offering them the best legal help possible; he prioritizes his clients and remains available for them 24/7. All of his clients know exactly how to reach him from the very start. He is an advocate for those who have been affected by the negligent or unlawful conduct of other individuals or entities alike. Throughout his career, he has pursued countless claims and recovered millions for his clients. He has expertise in different fields, like consumer law, specifically under the lemon law. He handles every case diligently until being able to secure the best recovery possible.


John Rofael obtained his JD from Western State College of Law. He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2012. Throughout his time as an attorney, he has always put his clients first. He has a history of successfully handling all types of cases, including cases involving consumer protection, specifically under the lemon law. His clients know that they can count on John Rofael to do everything necessary to resolve their claims and recover a fair settlement. Rofael is not afraid to take on auto manufacturers and dealerships that have wronged consumers after selling them defective vehicles.

Bonnie Madani

Bonnie Madani is an associate attorney that specializes in lemon law. She obtained a Masters degree from USC and later a Certificate of Contract Law from Harvard University. She is committed to getting her clients justice – which of course includes getting them a fair recovery. Madani has consistently fought to protect the rights of her clients, the consumers who have unknowingly purchased defective autos. She is an expert in lemon law both on state and federal levels; she knows the system inside and out, which helps her ensure that were clients’ cases are successful and that they can recover the compensation that they are owed under the lemon law.

Matt Xie

Matt Xie obtained his B.A. in Political Science from UCSD and his J.D. and Masters in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. Xie is an experienced attorney that is passionate about protecting consumer rights. His specialization includes cases revolving around breach of warranty, product defects, and consumer fraud. His focus includes representing consumers in Magnuson-Moss, Song-Beverly, and fraud actions against auto manufacturers and dealerships. Xie has been consistently successful in achieving the best case results possible. Xie believes that the foundation of a successful case begins with the attorney-client relationship; therefore, he always works to create a trusting relationship from the very first interaction with his clients.

Jonathan Sue

Jonathan Sue completed his education at the University of London and at UCLA School of Law. He is a native Angelino committed to the community and to volunteering in the Los Angeles area. Sue is an experienced attorney who specializes in warranty law, including lemon law. He is well-known for enthusiastically fighting for the rights of his clients regardless of the setting. He prioritizes his clients and is always ready to go the extra mile to secure a fair recovery under the lemon law.

Long Cao

Long Cao has degrees from UCSD and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. He is a senior associate with a focus in consumer law litigation against auto manufactures, also known as lemon law. Cao brings a very important perspective when it comes to lemon law claims because, in the past, he has represented defendants. Because of this, Cao has a fine understanding of how to resolve these types of claims, even if they are complex. Cao has proven to be a key player in our legal team. He is fully committed to his clients and is capable to handle each case effectively until being able to secure the best claim outcome available.

Timothy Ghobrial

Timothy Ghobrial has a B.A. degree from U.C. Irvine and a J.D. from Western State College of Law. He has been an active attorney since 2017 and has never stopped fighting for the rights of his clients. He has successfully recovered the maximum compensation available for his clients case after case. Ghobrial plays a vital role in our team, specifically with lemon law claims. He is eager to take on even the largest auto manufacturers and dealerships to protect consumer rights under the lemon law and to ensure that all affected consumers get justice.

Vanessa Fantasia

Vanessa Fantasia obtained a J.D. from Chapman University School of Law; she was then admitted to the State Bar in 2021. Fantasia is a very important member of our team. She is committed to each and every client and to each individual case. Throughout her career, she has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that her clients have the best representation throughout the legal process and ultimately recover the maximum payout available for their claims. She will never hesitate to take on any defendant to protect her clients’ rights. She is proud to be the voice for consumers and fight to get them justice!

Steven Ross

Steven Ross has always put his clients first and is ready to go above it all to protect their rights. Ross has experience in consumer law, or what is commonly known as the lemon law, and will never hesitate to take on an auto manufacturer to protect his clients’ rights under the lemon law. He is committed to handling each and every claim to the best of his abilities and securing a fair settlement for his clients.

Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown is experienced in consumer law and has a focus in lemon law. He is knowledgeable on state and federal laws and is ready to apply these laws to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected. Brown is not a lawyer that gives up on a case and leaves clients unsure of what to do next. He is committed to handling each lemon law case effectively from start to finish until reaching an excellent outcome – whether this means he has to negotiate a settlement or take the case to trial to reach a verdict. Time and time again, he has proven that getting his clients a fair recovery is his priority.
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We offer our legal services on a contingency basis. Another way to put this is, no recovery no fee. If we don’t win you any money, you pay nothing. We include a lot of free services, including both free initial consultations and free second opinions. Whether you are looking for information about your rights before deciding to proceed with a claim or you are looking to completely redirect your claim after starting it elsewhere, our lawyers can help you. During our free legal services, our lemon law experts will evaluate your current situation and provide you with the guidance that you need to move forward with your claim and reach a successful settlement.

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