Motorcycles and Possible Defects Related to Lemon Laws

Motorcycles and Possible Defects Related to Lemon Laws

Motorcyclists enjoy riding their motorcycles out on the open roads. The joy or riding a motorcycle cannot be beat – that is until the motorcycle has an identified manufacturer’s defect that can seriously affect the safety of riding that motorcycle.

When a manufacturer builds a motorcycle in a plant, it is the responsibility of the motorcycle manufacturer to ensure that the motorcycles built and produced are perfect. That means, the motorcycles built by a motorcycle manufacturer should be completely free of manufacturer’s defects.

Motorcycles Can Have Dangerous Defects Affecting the Safety and Riding Capacity of the Unit

If a motorcycle has a manufacturer’s defect, it can be a lemon motorcycle. A motorcycle that is considered and identified as a “lemon” motorcycle, might have a defect that can injure you and others when you ride it. A lemon motorcycle is one where the motorcycle has a defective part or defective component. All components on a motorcycle are important and need to be in good working order. A defective part on your motorcycle can be a key factor, to disrupting the safety or ability to ride the motorcycle without getting into a serious accident.

Buying a Lemon Motorcycle Is No Fun!

If you have spent your money on the motorcycle of your choice, and find out it is a lemon, it will do more than just put a damper on buying the motorcycle in the first place. If a motorcycle has a manufacturer’s defect, it can affect the riding of the motorcycle. For example, if the motorcycle has a defective engine, then that can be a dangerous hazard when riding the motorcycle on the open roads. Additionally, if the motorcycle has defective tires, then the tires can blow out and cause a life-threatening crash into or around other vehicles on the roadways. For this reason, it is important to know what to do when you have a defective motorcycle.

Guardian Lemon Law Settles Motorcycle Manufacturer Defect Cases

If you have had a defective motorcycle and wonder what to do next, you can give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537 today.

Guardian Lemon Law Handles All Types of Motorcycles That Can Be Lemons

Our law firm handles claims for every type of motorcycle that can be identified as a lemon motorcycle.

There are many different types of motorcycles.

Standard Motorcycles

A standard motorcycle is the most common type of motorcycle on the roads today. It can have 125cc to 1,000cc, and is an all-purpose motorcycle. These motorcycles have saddle bags, luggage racks and fit people of all sizes comfortably. The standard motorcycle can accommodate a beginning rider, as well as an experienced rider as well.

Cruiser or “Chopper” Motorcycle

A cruiser or chopper motorcycle has a low seat and engines that average 1,000cc. These motorcycles are often “tricked out” and can have low rider handles or seats.

Sport Motorcycle

A sport motorcycle is a light motorcycle that offers better side-to-side maneuverability. The seats are high to allow the motorcycle to lean without scraping the fairings or footpegs.

Touring Motorcycle

The touring motorcycle has larger engines and are able to go on long road trips with ease. They can have storage compartments and are ridden for hours at a time on the open roads.

Sport Touring Motorcycle

A sport touring motorcycle is a cross between the Sport and Touring motorcycles. They are tall in the seat, have more luggage options than a Sport motorcycle, and are good on extended road trips. The engines are in the middle range, and they are able to have extra gears for ultimate power on the highways when riding cross country.

Dual Sport, Dual Purpose or Adventure Sport Motorcycles

The dual sport motorcycles are known best for riding off-roads. They are ridden easily in the woods, off the road or for adventures and sporting events off main areas of travel.


Scooters are lightweight versions of motorcycles. They have engines around 50cc to 500cc of power, and are usually seen on city roads in the far-right lane. Often used to commute to and from work, they are better at shorter in town distances.


A moped is a lot like a scooter, but they carry even less of engine power with a 50cc or less engine. They can have electric motors that replace the engines, and are lightweight to use on short trips around town.

Off-road or “Dirt Bike” Motorcycles

The off-road motorcycles are used on the weekends to explore dusty dirt roads. These motorcycles are without the flair of a commuter or “city” motorcycle, and are built study to withstand outside and excursion into nature situations.

Motorcycles Have Many Defective Components Making the Motorcycle Hazardous to Ride

A motorcycle manufacturer needs to take great care to making a motorcycle. If this is not performed, then there can be many dangerous components that are hidden as manufacturer defects on the motorcycle. Some of the motorcycle defective issues can include:

  • Wire harness issues
  • Problems with the starter motor clutch
  • Defective cylinders
  • Defects on the cam chain
  • Gasket kit defects
  • Defective fuel tank
  • Camshaft valve defects
  • Cover defects
  • Footpeg defects
  • Taillight and turn signal defects
  • Front shift arm issues
  • Transmission shift arm issues
  • Lower front engine cover defects
  • Cylinder base cover defects
  • Plug cover defects
  • Front caliper issues
  • Transmission shroud problems
  • Saddlebag hinge covers
  • Ignition switch covers
  • Brake pedal pad defects
  • Windshield trim issues
  • Passenger peg problems
  • Mirror defects
  • Grips defects
  • Windshield defects
  • Spark plug defects
  • Shift lever problems
  • Defective loose mirrors
  • Defective LED lights

If you have had a serious accident with a motorcycle because of a defect on your motorcycle, you need to call us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group right now. We can go over your manufacturer defects and create a winning strategy for you, to get the money you deserve in this type of case.

Typical Defects on a Motorcycle May Not Be Found Out Until It Is Too Late

People buy motorcycles to use them daily and frequently on the roads. When you buy a new motorcycle, it may be riddled with defects – but you may not know that yet! Your motorcycle can have numerous defects that can create a recipe for disaster when you ride the motorcycle on the open roads.

In any situation where you will routinely ride a motorcycle, you can be in trouble if there is a defective part or component on the motorcycle. You can be riding your motorcycle anywhere at any time, and discover a serious defect, such as when:

  • Commuting to work
  • Going on weekend road trips
  • Riding in city areas
  • Riding on country roads
  • Riding with friends
  • Riding alone

Defective Motorcycles Never Protect the Motorcyclist the Way a Car Protects a Driver on the Roads

An important point to remember that most people forget, is that a motorcycle rider has to deal with the same hazards on the roadways that people driving cars have to face. The only difference is that a driver in a car always has the protection of the vehicle around the person, at all times. The motorcyclist never has this protection. Just think about this for a second. If there are hazards in the roads, the driver of a car or truck can go over that hazard and still be okay if the car swerves. The car driver can course correct the steering wheel. The person may be a little shaken up, but the odds are that the individual will be able to avoid a serious accident.

Now let’s look at a motorcyclist on the roads. A motorcyclist on the roads has to face the exact same road hazards that were in the road for the people driving in a car. But a motorcyclist has to rely on the integrity and safety of the motorcycle to get through the hazard in one piece. Generally speaking, a safe motorcycle is the only protection that a motorcyclist has when there are hazards on a roadway!

Unknown Defects on a Motorcycle Can Be a Death Sentence for the Motorcyclist

Now let’s imagine that a motorcyclist has a brand-new motorcycle with an unknown manufacturer’s defect. This is not just a recipe for disaster, it is a potential death sentence. Whether a motorcyclist has been riding a motorcycle for the first time, or has ridden on a motorcycle for a lifetime, each motorcyclist in this situation is highly vulnerable when there are manufacturer defects on the motorcycles.

That manufacturer defect on a motorcycle can seriously injure or end the life of a motorcyclist, all because the manufacturer was not responsible enough to prevent defects and flaws from the motorcycles that they build. This is the reason that it is a serious issue, and why it is covered by the Lemon Laws when a manufacturer has defects that should have been found out before the motorcycles reach the motorcycle dealership showroom floor.

Defective Motorcycles Create Life-Changing Injuries Accidents for the Riders

A motorcycle with a manufacturer’s defect is a danger on the roads. This type of motorcycle is defective, flawed and typically going to have a serious accident on the roadways. Defective motorcycles can create crashes that have epic proportions for the motorcycle rider.

The types of accidents that a defective motorcycle can produce are horrific. You can sustain serious injuries from a defective motorcycle accident. Your injuries from a defective motorcycle can include:

  • Superficial wounds or “road rash”
  • Crushing injuries
  • Fractures of limbs
  • Intracranial injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Nerve injuries
  • Open wounds
  • Intra-thoracic organ injuries
  • Intra-abdominal organ injuries
  • Lumbar spinal injuries
  • Pelvic fractures
  • Strain and sprains
  • Head and neck injuries to paralysis
  • Broken facial bones
  • Broken teeth
  • Blindness
  • Burns of varying degrees
  • Concussion
  • Subdural hemorrhage
  • Traumatic amputation
  • Crushed by a vehicle
  • Bleeding from the ears
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death

Help, My Motorcycle Has a Safety Defect and Is Unsafe to Ride, What Do I Do Now?”

We understand when you have a motorcycle with a defective part, component or safety issue that came from a manufacturer’s defect. When that happens, it is easy to remedy the situation. All that you need to do now is to give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Your call to us today will be taken seriously, we are here to support you and to help you to get the recovery compensation that you need in a case of a defective motorcycle. You have protection under the California Lemon Laws. We can review these laws with you, and put you on the right road to a full recovery compensation package for your defective motorcycle.

You do not have to wait until you have a serious motorcycle accident, on account of a manufacturer’s defect related to your motorcycle. Just call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We are here and will take your call right now, call today!

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