Help, How Did I Get into This Mess with My Lemon Car?”

First of all, don’t blame yourself if you find yourself stuck with a Kia lemon car. It is not your fault in any way that the manufacturer has made a lemon Kia, and that you bought it without knowing that it was defective straight from the manufacturer. No person goes into a car dealership expecting to buy a lemon car, and no one would have asked to purchase a lemon car. It is just an unfortunate part of buying and leasing a vehicle, that odds are some of the Kia’s on the roads will be lemons. We understand your frustration with owning a lemon vehicle, and if you call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, we can help you get the recovery compensation that you deserve in a lemon car claim.

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Our legal team is ready to talk to you now. We can discuss your Kia lemon car claim in one of many different languages, including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Armenian, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, French, German, and Korean. Just call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 to get the process started today, to recover on your lemon car case.

Kia Manufacturers Let Go of Lemon Cars from the Factory

It is a pity, but the Kia manufacturers let go of lemon Kia cars straight from the factory. You may have bought a model Kia car that is a lemon, including:


  • EV6
  • Forte
  • K5
  • Niro
  • Niro EV
  • Niro Plug-In Hybrid
  • Rio
  • Seltos
  • Sorento Hybrid
  • Sorento Plug-In Hybrid
  • Soul
  • Sportage
  • Stinger
  • Telluride

If you have a Kia lemon car, you can call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Common Defects for a Kia Lemon Car

There will be many common defects that you could have from owning a Kia lemon vehicle. The defects that you experience may be related to:

  • Wheels unbalanced
  • Uneven tire wear from defective front axle
  • Noisy rear axle
  • Fuel odor noticed in cabin
  • Carburetor defective
  • Smoke from fuel exhaust
  • Overheating of engine
  • Defective metal work and welding
  • Cracked rims

Any time that you have experienced defects on your new bought or leased Kia, you can call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 to get the help you need today on your lemon car claim.

Consumers Who Buy New and Leased Vehicles Have Many Concerns Over Lemon Cars

If you bought a lemon car, it is going to be a surprise to you most time. No one goes into the car dealership to buy a new car and says, “Hey, yeah, just sell me your lemon car today, I don’t want a perfect car right now.” We are not making fun of having a lemon vehicle. On the contrary, we are calling attention to the ridiculousness of a car dealership thinking that they have no responsibility for fixing and repairing your lemon car if that is what you got in the deal. Lemon cars are just like ticking time bombs sitting on the car dealership lot. Sometimes the car dealership may have been told by the auto manufacturer that a vehicle may or does have a manufacturer’s defect. This may be the case when there are recalls on a vehicle. In that situation, the car dealership is required to pull those new cars, take them into the shop, and repair the defective parts before the car is sold.

If the car is already sold, then you will be contacted as a new or new leased car owner to come back to the car dealership to get the repairs for free on your vehicle. The repairs to fix the manufacturer’s defects issues will be and should be free for you. That is the reason you need to take your car back to an authorized car dealership. If you do have your recall part fixed by a mechanic, you will have to pay that person for the repairs. It is only fair to the mechanic who does the repair that he or she gets paid for those services. But if you take your car back to a car dealership, which is the recommended and preferred option, then the car dealership has to “eat” or pay for the time that the shop has to take to fix the manufacturer’s defects on your lemon car.

Recent Victories Will Be Forthcoming for Kia Lemon Car Owners

Owners of Kia lemon cars can join a class action for Kia gas tanks that were not properly connected to their cars, and therefore were a hazard during normal driving conditions. The gas tanks were susceptible to rupturing and catching on fire, and causing serious personal injuries to drivers and passengers in the vehicles. If you have leased or bought a new Kia with a defective gas tank, then you are at risk for serious injury if your Kia has a plastic fuel pump cover that is defectively designed. Some owners of Kia Soul vehicles have had the gas tank explode on account of the defect, which can injure or kill the driver or passengers in the cars.

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