Can I Lemon a Ford Transit Connect if it has Shaking Issues?

ford transit connect shaking lawsuit attorney
Are you the owner of a Ford Transit Connect that persistently shakes or vibrates when you’re driving at high speeds? Due to these problems, you may have found yourself asking:

  • If my truck shakes at high speeds, what are my rights?
  • If my new van or truck keeps shaking after repeated repair attempts, can I return my truck?
  • Can I replace my truck or van or get my money back if they can’t fix the problem?

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have a case of the “Ford Shake,” which is a problem that afflicts larger Ford vehicles, like pick-up trucks and commercial vans. And most owners agree that this is a serious defect, as it can be terrifying to drive down the highway and feel like your car is going to fall apart or break down with no warning.

So, what can you do if your Ford Transit Connect has the shakes, and the manufacturer is unable to make it go away? Our law firm can advise you of rights, which may include a lawsuit against the manufacturer under the California lemon law (the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act). For a detailed case evaluation with an experienced lemon law lawyer, contact Guardian Lemon Law Group.

Is Your Car Suffering from the Ford Shakes?
Before we go into the steps you can take, let’s talk about the Ford shake – a problem that has become infamous among Ford vehicle owners. Essentially, this is a term that’s used to describe a constant vibrating or shaking with Ford trucks and vans, usually when they’re on the highway. The issue is most obvious at around 65 to 75 mph, and it may affect the seat, steering wheel, or the entire body of the car.

There may be several causes for the Ford Shake, though the exact reason is unknown. Possible factors include:

  • Transmission and engine issues.
  • Suspension components (especially ball bearings and shock absorbers) that may be defective or worn out.
  • Wheels that are improperly balanced (unevenness in the wheels often leads to shaking).
  • Wheels that are bent or damaged.
  • Tire treads wearing out unevenly, which can also lead to imbalance and shaking issues.

No matter the issue, please take your car in for an inspection right way, either to the dealership or an authorized repair center in your area. Proper diagnosis of the problem is essential to keeping you safe and protecting your right to compensation if your Ford Transit Connect turns out to be a lemon.

Can I Lemon my Ford Transit Connect if it Keeps Shaking?
It’s absolutely nerve-wracking to drive a van that keeps shaking, especially when you can’t figure out what the problem is. Under California law, a consumer has the right to seek a refund or replacement product if the manufacturer cannot resolve a significant defect on a warrantied product. The exact remedies vary somewhat based on your financial losses. However, the main portion of your award will be a full refund of the purchase or lease price or a replacement van, minus whatever mileage offset the manufacturer is entitled to.

Of course, there are steps you must take before you can demand any of these damages. The most important thing is to take your car in for repairs each and every time you notice the Ford Shake. That’s because the manufacturer must be given a reasonable number of attempts to fix whatever is wrong with your car. If your car is still shaking at high speeds after multiple visits to the repair shop, only then can you move forward with a lemon case.

The number of attempts that are deemed “reasonable” depends on the defect with your vehicle, so make sure to contact us for clarity on this issue. We will go over all the procedures you must follow and make sure that you have the strongest case possible for a lemon lawsuit against Ford Motor Company.

ford transit connect shaking lemon lawsuit attorney

Case Values for a Lemon Law Case
Settlement values are all over the map for these cases, and frankly, it would be extremely difficult to say what the average claimant is entitled to. Keep in mind that it’s not just the value of your car that determines your case value. Your out of pocket expenses, if you’ve been in an accident, and applicable deductions by the manufacturer are some of the factors that we will need to consider. As a result, some claimants will receive around $10,000 to $35,000, while other claims are worth $100,000 or more.

Deadline to Sue the Manufacturer under California’s Lemon Law
The statute of limitations for a lemon complaint in California is 4 years, no matter what type of issue you are having with your vehicle. The important thing is to determine when the 4-year period begins, as this will tell you how long you have to sue the manufacturer. In some cases, the clock starts ticking from the very first repair attempt, but others will have more or less time to take legal action. We can verify the deadline to file your lawsuit, so call us right away if you believe that your Ford Transit Connect classifies as a lemon.

When can I Expect to Receive my Settlement?
Most clients want to have a sense of how long it will take to settle a lemon law case, but this is a difficult question to answer. There have been times when a manufacturer takes us seriously right from the start and makes an offer that we find to be in the client’s best interest. That means a case may be resolved in just a few weeks to a few months. On the other hand, some cases involve complex circumstances that will take longer to work through. That’s why it can take ix months to a year, maybe longer, to settle a lemon law case from start to finish.

Second Opinion on Existing Lemon Lawsuits
Many of us have been to another doctor for a second opinion if we have questions or doubts about a medical diagnosis. But what if you need another lawyer to review your legal case? Guardian Lemon Law is happy to provide you with a free second opinion if you have an active Ford Transit Connect lemon claim. Whatever the issue you are having, our job is to provide you with honest feedback and help you determine the best legal strategy based on your circumstances. There is no risk to you or your finances by taking some time to discuss your case with a lemon law attorney at our law firm. With that in mind, we hope you’ll take the chance of scheduling a second opinion by contacting our office.

Who Covers the Attorney’s Fees?
This is a very important question, as many claimants cannot afford to hire their own attorney. That puts them in a vulnerable situation against a major corporation, which has a legal team at their disposal. Fortunately, California law requires manufacturers to pay for your lawyer as a part of your lemon law settlement. The fees are based on your attorney’s hourly rate, so there is never any confusion on what your lawyer is owed by the manufacturer.

We hope this will provide the reassurance you need to contact us right away and get started on a claim with one of our attorneys. The process begins with a free initial consultation, where we can discuss the problems you’ve been having with your Ford Transit Connect and the steps we can take to bring you compensation.

Contact Guardian Lemon Law Group
Some issues with a car are annoying, but you can live with them. But that isn’t the case with the Ford Shake, due to the defects that can cause your car to have this problem. If the manufacturer is unable to fix the defect after multiple visits to the shop, you have the right to demand compensation under the state’s lemon law.

Guardian Lemon Law is here for you every step of the way, with our many years of experience in the recovery of lemon law payments. We will make sure that you receive every penny you deserve under the law, including the cost of legal representation, which is paid to us by Ford Motor Company. Another form of protection we offer all of our clients is the Zero Fee Guarantee. With this policy, you pay absolutely nothing if we don’t win your case, which means the only way we get paid is if you get paid.

Contact us immediately if you’d like to learn more about the process of filing a lemon law complaint. Our lawyers are ready to take action on a lemon claim for the following Ford or Lincoln vehicles:

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