Can I Lemon my Ford Maverick if it Keeps Shaking?

ford maverick truck shaking lemon lawyer

Ford vehicles are preferred by consumers that want a solid and dependable car that will last them for many years. In particular, Ford is associated with heavy-duty trucks for leisure and work, such as the F-150 and the Maverick. Unfortunately, many owners find themselves disappointed by serious defects, including the Ford Shake – a constant shaking or vibrating of the truck at highway speeds. When this happens, the driver is terrified of what can happen while they’re out on the road. Will something fall off the car and hit another vehicle? What if my truck breaks down right in the middle of the highway?

As the owner of a Ford Maverick that constantly shakes, you may be wondering about your legal rights under the California lemon law. You may have grounds to seek compensation from the manufacturer, but there are specific steps you must take in order to pursue a lemon law claim. In this article, we will detail the process you will need to go through, along with other information that may be helpful to you. For a detailed explanation of your rights and legal options, contact the lemon law attorneys of Guardian Lemon Law Group.

The Infamous Ford Shake
The Ford Shake is a term you may be familiar with as a Ford truck owner, whose car shakes or vibrates uncontrollably at highway speeds. Generally, the problem is most noticeable at around 65 to 75 mph, and has been described by consumers as a persistent shaking, rattling, or vibration, which can affect the entire body of the vehicle.

Understandably, this is a nerve-wracking experience, as it can feel like parts of your car will fall apart at any minute. This is not only dangerous to yourself, but also to fellow motorists, when you are traveling on highways and other busy roads. As for why the problem is occurring, there may be several causes:

  • Uneven tire wear, which can cause shaking due to uneven distribution of weight.
  • Imbalance in the wheels, which is commonly associated with shaking, especially at speeds over 65 mph.
  • Wheels that are damaged or bent.
  • Defective or worn-out suspension components
  • Problems with the transmission or engine – another common cause of shaking when driving at high speeds.

It’s essential to take your car in for an inspection as soon as you start to notice the Ford Shake. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your dealership or an authorized repair shop as soon as possible.

What Can I Do if They Can’t Fix the Problem?
If my truck shakes at high speeds and the problem isn’t fixed, can I ask Ford to replace my truck?

If I return my truck, can I get my money back or a new truck free of charge?

These are some of the questions we are asked by Ford Maverick owners that are frustrated by the shaking issues with their vehicle. Thankfully, there are protections in place for such consumers under the California lemon law, officially known as the Song-Beverly Warranty Act. Under this law, a customer is allowed to seek compensation if a manufacturer is unable to fix a significant defect on a warranty-backed product.

However, auto makers have rights as well, so you must give them enough opportunities to fix your car before you can ask for a replacement truck or a refund of the purchase price. The number of repair attempts you must allow depends on the defect and how much it compromises your safety / usability of the car. We can help you figure out a reasonable number of chances to allow, along with a plan for what to do if Ford is unable to prevent your car from shaking at high speeds.

ford maverick shaking lemon law

What are These Cases Worth on Average?
Settlement values for a lemon law case depend on many circumstances, including the particular defect, the purchase / lease price of the vehicle, and the claimant’s financial losses. That’s why it’s impossible to say what these claims are worth on average. For certain claimants, $10,000 to $15,000 is a fair settlement based on their total losses. Others may be entitled to $100,000 or more, especially if there was a willful violation of the state’s lemon law by the manufacturer. To learn about all the factors that can affect your case value, please reach out to us at our office.

Estimated Time to get Paid on a Lemon Law Claim
When we take on a case here at Guardian Lemon Law, our goal is to bring you compensation as soon as possible, while ensuring that you receive the highest possible amount. Sometimes, we can accomplish these goals in just 30 days to a few months. But there are cases where one or more years is needed to achieve a fair settlement amount. At the end of the day, there are many complications that can come up during the legal process, which will impact the amount of time it will take to settle your case.

How long do I have to File a Lemon Lawsuit?
The deadline to file a lemon claim against an auto manufacturer is 4 years. When this 4-year window starts depends on various circumstances, which you can discuss with a lemon lawyer at our office. For the majority of claims, we go by the first repair date on your vehicle, but again, this is not an absolute rule. No matter when your statute of limitations begins, you should not wait to seek the damages you deserve under the law. We are ready to take immediate action on your case if your truck has a case of the Ford Shakes.

Attorney Fee Provisions in a California Lemon Law Case
Under California law, manufacturers are required to pay for the consumer’s legal fees if they hire an attorney to represent them on a lemon case. That means you do not have to worry about the cons of representing yourself, or make sacrifices to pay an experienced lemon law attorney. Furthermore, your lawyer receives their fee separately from the value of your settlement. To put it another way, you will receive the full value of what the manufacturer owes you, without any deductions.

When you consider all these factors, there’s no reason to delay the process of contacting our law firm. Just give us a call to learn about your rights and legal options if you are the owner of a defective Ford Maverick.

ford maverick shakes lemon attorney

Second Opinion Consultation
Hiring a lawyer should be the solution to your problem if you have a lemon car on your hands. Unfortunately, not all law firms offer the same level of care and attention to their clients. If you have concerns about the fate of your lemon law case, please come by and see us for a free second opinion. Our goal is to provide you with an objective assessment of your case and the methods we would use to recover your payment. Depending on our advice, you may choose to change lawyers and continue your claim with us. But there is no pressure to leave your current law firm by speaking with us, as it may not be in your best interest to do so. If you would like to receive a free second opinion from one of our attorneys, contact our office at your earliest convenience.

Consultation with a California Lemon Law Attorney
An unresolved defect with your automobile is a common source of stress for many consumers. However, you have rights under the state’s lemon law, which we can help you explore during a free case evaluation. Remember – there is no need to suffer with a defective Ford Truck when the cost of hiring an attorney falls on the manufacturer. In the event our law firm doesn’t recover your payment, you won’t pay us a single dime, since we protect you with the Zero Fee Guarantee.

If your Ford Maverick keeps shaking at high speeds, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our lawyers handle lemon law claims for all Ford truck and SUV models, including:

  • F-150
  • F-250
  • Ford F-350
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Ecosport
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Bronco
  • Ford Bronco Sport
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Expedition
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Lincoln Aviator
  • Lincoln Nautilus
  • Lincoln Corsair