Why Does the Car Dealership Challenge Me In Regards to My Lemon Car Claim?”

The car dealership may be challenging you regarding your lemon car claim, because it is inconvenient for them to have to help you resolve your lemon car issues. The car dealership has a responsibility to help you to resolve the issues regarding your lemon car problems. You do not have to give in to the car dealership who just wants you to quietly “go away,” when you bring up a problem with your lemon car.

Car dealerships are in the business to sell cars, and repairing of lemon cars may be the furthest from their minds. But we all know that it is unfair for the car dealership to ignore your concerns, related to your Audi lemon car claim. You can call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, to let us represent you when talking to the car dealership and auto manufacturer for Audi vehicles. We know how to talk to car dealerships to make sure they perform properly to help you remedy the issues related to your lemon car claim. When you give our law firm today, we can review your case for free, and review your lemon car case to get you the money you deserve in this situation.

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Audi Manufacturer’s Defects Can Make the Vehicle Unfit for the Roadways

A manufacturer’s defect can make a car seriously dangerous on the roads. For example, if a car has a manufacturer’s defect that the brakes do not work consistently, then when you go to apply the brakes in normal driving situations, they may not hold. This will set you up for the high likelihood of having, causing and participating in a serious car accident on the roadways. If you are not getting anywhere with talking to the car manufacturers or the car dealership about your lemon Audi car, you can call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

What Is in My Best Interest to Do with My Lemon Car?

You are going to want to allow your car dealership to try to fix your vehicle, and if it can’t be fixed, then you need a buyback from the auto manufacturer. Of course, the car dealership may be ignoring you right about now. They may not want to have to deal with the mechanics of your lemon vehicle having go in and out of their auto repair shop to be fixed. But it is their responsibility, especially when the auto manufacturer has issued a mandatory recall on the car. If there is a recall on the vehicle, then the car dealership needs to get that car back into the shop to be repaired. If you take your car to another mechanic to repair the defective parts, you will have to pay that mechanic for the work completed. If you take your vehicle to the car dealership, those repairs to the lemon car for the recalled parts will be repaired for free.

Common Defects of Audi Lemon Cars

Audi lemon cars can have one or more than one manufacturer’s defect on the vehicle, making it a lemon car. You may have experienced on your Audi the following defects:

  • Burnt rubber smell when engine running
  • Hissing sound of tires
  • Charred smell from engine
  • Damage to electrical components in vehicle
  • Coupling devices damaged
  • Broken torsion bar springs
  • Axle misaligned
  • Loose bolts in engine
  • Gauges don’t work
  • Smelly interior
  • Moldy interior
  • Seats cracked

If you have had any of these listed defects or other defects related to the driving of your Audi, you can call us now to discuss your claim. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to realize you’re your Audi is defective. But once you discover the many manufacturer’s defects, you need to either get your Audi repaired or replaced, because driving it around “as is” is not going to cut it. Just call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, and we will offer to you a free case evaluation right now for your Audi lemon car.

Recent Victories for Owners of General Motors, Volkswagen and Honda Lemon Vehicles

Volkswagen, Honda and GM auto manufacturers need to pay back consumers for defective vehicles that have been sent out into the public domain.

These awards for lemon car problems include:

  • Volkswagen settlement for over $14 billion for falsified emission ratings on the TDI diesel vehicles.
  • General Motors settlement for over $120 million from GM for an ignition switch failure on GM lemon cars.
  • Honda settlement for $85 million as a reimbursement for airbag defects concealed by Honda on their lemon cars.

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