What Should You Do If Your Car Dealership Makes You Feel Unimportant in Regards to Your Lemon Car?

When the car dealership ignores your concerns, questions and calls regarding your lemon car, it can be a frustrating situation. A car dealership has an agreement with you that they will service your vehicle, but in the case of a lemon car, there is much more that needs to be performed. If you have bought a lemon car, then the car dealership has sold you a lemon car. It is that simple.

If you have a lemon car now that the car dealership has sold to you, then doesn’t the car dealership have a responsibility to you to fix the situation regarding your lemon vehicle? The answer to this question is “Yes,” that the car dealership does owe you for a lemon vehicle that they sold to you. Sometimes there are arguments that can be made that the car dealership never knew about the manufacturer’s defects on a lemon car. That can be the case, that the car dealership never knew that your vehicle had defects and was a lemon car. But once you identify manufacturer’s defects on your vehicle, all bets are off in regard to the car dealership.

My Car Dealership Has a Contract with Me to Fix My Lemon Car, Why Won’t They Go Ahead and Fix It Already?”

The car dealership signed a contract with you for your vehicle, and that means that they still have a responsibility to you to help you figure out the situation with your lemon car. This means that the car dealership needs to try to fix the car if possible, and if it can’t then it needs to help you to work with the auto manufacturer to get a buyback or a refund for your lemon car. In general, customers who buy cars from a car dealership want to feel important, and want to know that they matter to the car dealership. No customer wants to feel that the car dealership used the person to sell a car, and then never wants to hear from that customer again.

If your car dealership treats you as you are unimportant, then you need to give us a call immediately. As a person and as a customer you are very important. You are also important when it comes to an identified manufacturer’s defect on a lemon car, because you have rights under the California Lemon Laws. If you want your concerns to be heard, and to know how important you are, all that you need to do is to give us a call today. We can help you to get the recovery compensation that you need to get your lemon car claim resolved. Just call us today to start the process right now.

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Buick Manufacturer’s Defects Can Affect the Safe Driving of a Vehicle on the Open Roads

A manufacturer’s defect can render a Buick car dangerous on the open roadways. If your brakes are defective, or your tires have a defect, it is plain to see that your everyday driving puts you at a high risk of having a serious car accident because of the defects on your Buick. The car dealerships know that they need to step up and help you, when you have a verified lemon Buick car. If you need us to represent you to the car dealership and the Buick auto manufacturer, we are prepared to go the extra mile for you. All that you need to do to start the process is to call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We are here for you and we are on your side.

Common Defects of a Buick Lemon Car

Your Buick lemon car can have more than one manufacturer’s defect that affects the vehicle. Your Buick can be plagued by defects including:

  • Battery dies prematurely
  • Backup lights defective
  • Steering wanders
  • Leaks in water pump/cooling hose
  • Muffler defects and noise
  • Transmission chatters
  • Hard shifting defects
  • Wheels unbalanced
  • Uneven tire wear from defective front axle
  • Painted add on parts
  • Door assemblies
  • Bent chassis
  • Grinding noises in transmission
  • Parking brake defects
  • Steering wheel drifts to side
  • Antilock brakes lock wheels
  • Slipped transmission when driving
  • Delays in transmission when driving
  • Engine shaking
  • Engine vibration
  • Defective sunroof

Manufacturer’s defects are always dangerous on a Buick, because one system can affect other systems on a vehicle. We want to help you to get the recovery compensation that you deserve on this lemon car case. You can reach out to us today and feel comfortable with that decision, when you call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Recent Victories for Chrysler Lemon Car Owners

Fiat Chrysler has recently reached a decision to pay $300 million for defect on their vehicles that allowed cheating devices to prevent the proper fuel economy to be registered on their vehicles. This settlement will pay out round $3,000 for Chrysler car owners who had to fix their cars to reflect the proper environmental properties. Fiat Chrysler has also offered an extended warranty on their vehicles for 10 years or 120,000 miles, and four years or 48,000 miles from the time of the installed emissions modifications on the lemon vehicles.

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