How Does the Car Dealership Justify Not Fixing My Lemon Car?”

The car dealership cannot justify not fixing a lemon car. If the car dealership decides not to fix a lemon car because it has too many significant manufacturer’s defects, then it is time for the auto manufacturer to give the consumer a buyback or a refund for the price of the vehicle. The money that you get back in a buyback or a refund is going to be minus any expenses, such as if you went excessively over the normal miles for the time you were in the vehicle. But a car dealership needs to try to repair a vehicle that has manufacturer’s defects first, before it gives up and makes the decision not to repair your lemon car. Another reason that the car dealership cannot really justify not helping you to get your car fixed, is that they sold it to you in the first place.

How Can a Car Dealership Not Know That a Newly Delivered Car Is or Is Not a Lemon Vehicle?

An argument can be made that they didn’t know that the car was a dud. But most car dealerships get deliveries regularly from the auto manufacturer by car or auto transporter. Those are the big rigs that have cars loaded on them as cargo. Sometimes they are open air and you can see the cars stacked up by two’s on them. Other times the cars are hidden behind huge canvas tarps, but the cars are still in there being transported to the car dealerships nevertheless. The cars arrive, are checked in and are supposed to be sent right to the auto repair shop to get checked out. The newly delivered cars are meant to come out of the shop “clean,” and not need much but a bit of tweaking on the vehicles. Only then is a newly delivered car supposed to be sold to you as a customer.

Car dealerships need to carefully monitor all cars that come to the dealership from the auto manufacturer, and are meant to be sold to the public. Cars need to be checked out at the car dealership on delivery from the auto manufacturer, if for no other reason than to make sure the car made it okay on the car transporter. Any car dealership that skips this step is going to have a recipe for disaster, because some lemon cars will inevitably escape their review, and those cars will get passed along to you – the car buying customer. If you have unknowingly bought a lemon Cadillac, just call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, to talk about your lemon car claim today.

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Car Dealerships Need a Direct Approach When It Comes to Managing Lemon Car Claims

A car dealership needs to be managed directly with a firm approach, when it comes to the ensuring that a lemon car gets repaired or replaced. If you have a lemon car, you can call our law firm today, and we will review your lemon car case for you for free. That makes it super easy to make the first call to us right now. Sometimes it is necessary to manage car dealerships in a way to make them understand the importance of moving with alacrity, or in other words with a quick and accommodating action, to help you remedy the situation with your lemon car claim.

Most people use their vehicles every day and all day to go to work, run errands, take care of their family obligations and have recreation for their lives. Not having your car in a good and safe running condition makes it difficult to live your life. We understand that element of having a lemon car, and we will help the car dealership to move a little more quickly to get this situation under control and solved for you, when you have a lemon car claim. All that you need to do to get our help is to call us today. We are always on your side, and we are here for you right now when you give us a call.

Common Defects of Cadillac Lemon Cars

There are many types of defects that can be triggered and plaguing a Cadillac vehicle. Your new Cadillac may have had defective issues with many different components, including:

  • Slipped transmission when driving
  • Delays in transmission when driving
  • Noisy rear axle
  • Fuel odor noticed in cabin
  • Carburetor defective
  • Smoke from fuel exhaust
  • Overheating of engine
  • Defective metal work and welding
  • Cracked rims
  • Engine shaking
  • Engine vibration
  • Leaks in water pump/cooling hose
  • Muffler defects and noise
  • Transmission chatters
  • Hard shifting defects
  • Burnt rubber smell when engine running
  • Hissing sound of tires
  • Charred smell from engine
  • Damage to electrical components in vehicle
  • Coupling devices damaged
  • Broken torsion bar springs
  • Axle misaligned
  • Loose bolts in engine
  • Unsecured frame under hood
  • Suspension damaged and cracked
  • Upward nails in cargo area
  • Unsealed holes in firewall
  • Hot engine when running, prone to smoking engine

If you find your Cadillac has one or more than one of these defects, or any other defect that affects the safety or drivability of your vehicle, give us a call today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We can go over the claim with you, and review your next steps to get the recovery compensation you deserve in this type of lemon car claim.

Recent Victories

There is a $605 million settlement that is being proposed for Honda owners of lemon vehicles against Honda auto manufacturing companies. This settlement is in relation to the Takata defective airbags that were used by Honda in their vehicles. The airbags do not properly deploy at the moment of a car accident or car crash. This can cause serious injuries to the drivers and occupants of the vehicles with an installed defective airbag in the car, truck or SUV. Honda Motor Company has not taken responsibility for the defective airbags, and denies any wrongdoing in regards to the manufacturing process, distribution of its lemon cars to car dealerships or any other sale of the defective lemon vehicles. But the consumers will soon be in a position to recover from these problems through compensation related to the lawsuit, on account of the defective airbags making those affected vehicles lemon cars.

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