2022 Cadillacs and GMC Acadia for Defective Backup Cameras

General Motors Manufacturer Makes Several Major Brands of Vehicles

General Motors or GM manufacturer makes several popular brands of gas and electric sustainable vehicles, namely:

  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Cadillac

It is not unusual to see many GM cars and trucks on the roads today. Even though GM sells a popular automobile brand of vehicles, there can be serious problems with integral safety features and components of these vehicles. Every car and truck manufacturer needs to have a high level of quality control for the making of their vehicles, that are being sold to the public. Otherwise, the quality of the brand will suffer, and the consumers will be forced to drive cars and trucks that are unsafe in that scenario.

If you have had a GM vehicle with a defective and non-working backup camera, you need to call us at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537 today. We can go over your claim with you, and discuss how the defects in the GM built backup cameras will be covered under the Lemon Laws in California.

Which GM Model Cars Has Defective Backup Camera Problems?

The General Motors manufacturer has had many problems and issues with defective backup cameras with 2020-2021 model year Cadillac XT5, XT6, and GMC Acadia vehicles. In these cases, the rear-view cameras have been known to fail or function randomly. Whenever the backup cameras do not work the person driving who is relying on the camera to keep safe when backing up, will risk a dangerous situation with a defective rear view camera.

The defect on the rear-view camera will show that the camera will have a low performance level, or will oftentimes lose the camera image completely. The camera may malfunction with a faulty and defective cable that attaches to the camera, and it may cause the image on the backup camera to flicker, fall off or fail completely.

Common Defects with the Rear-View Camera Defects in Cadillac and GMC Vehicles

The defective for the Cadillac and GMC model cars affected with a defective coaxial cable connections in the backup camera include:

  • 2019-2021 Cadillac XT5 mid-size crossover SUVs
  • 2019-2021 Cadillac XT6 three-row crossover SUVs
  • 2019-2021 GMC Acadia SUVs

In general, the problem with the cameras is that they just stop working. When the driver puts the car into reverse, the screen will often black out and there will be no camera image on the backup camera at all. That means that the driver cannot see what is behind the vehicle to back up safely. The cameras will be in the mode to function when the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. But when the car is in reverse, the cameras malfunction and do not work. When the cameras malfunction the driver views a black screen with a red camera that has a slash line going through it, to show the camera is not working at that time.

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It is easy to make the first phone call to us, and you will be connected with an attorney who is ready to go over your case today. Our legal team is concerned for your safety, and we will review your case of a defective vehicle component, as it relates to the California Lemon Laws. We understand that the backup camera defect has possibly put your driving in jeopardy for not being as safe as it can be. That is a scary proposition, and we understand exactly how you might feel. Let us review your case with you now, and go over any concerns that you might have regarding your claim.

Recent Victories

There are many recent victories related to how Cadillac and GMC car owners with a rear-view camera that is defective have recovered compensation for their Lemon Law claims, including:

  • In 2022, GM paid $102.6 million in a class action lawsuit for faulty designs of the Vortec LC9 5.3-liter V8 engine, allowing 38,000 owners recovery of around $2700 per person.
  • In 2020, GM paid $121.1 million in a class action lawsuit for faulty and defective ignition switches in their vehicles.

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The backup camera is an integral part of your vehicle, and if it is defective, you may be putting safe driving of your vehicle in jeopardy without this camera working as it was intended. If you backup and the camera goes dead, this is a definite defect that can affect the overall safety that you have when driving your GM manufactured vehicle. You can feel confident to call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537.

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