Can I Drive My Car Around and Use My Car If I Have an Active Claim to Lemon It?

If you are the owner of a lemon car, you should be able to drive it around during the time you have an active claim on that lemon vehicle. Your lemon car is an inconvenience to you in the state that it is in now. If you have a lemon vehicle and need to get back and forth to work or other daily driving tasks, you may be able to drive the car safely to maintain your daily life schedules. If you are in a vehicle that has serious safety issues, or has been recalled for safety reasons, then you may not be in a position to continue to drive the vehicle around with an active lemon claim.

You’ll have to look at the vehicle issues, problems and concerns, as well as to talk to the car dealership shop to determine if you should still be able to safely drive your vehicle during an active lemon car claim. You can also research the reason for the defect, the information regarding the safety concerns for the defect and determine if the car is safe enough to continue to drive it daily.

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Manufacturers of Lemon Car Claims Have to Fix the Vehicles or Buyback Those Lemon Cars

Some car manufacturers stand by their cars, even to the point of taking them back or paying owners off if the cars are lemon cars. Other car manufacturers make it more difficult for you to recover a complete package for compensation, when they have a defective automobile. The authorized car dealership should take back your vehicle to repair it, when there is a defect that is identified on the vehicle.

Often the car dealership will not want to take back the vehicle and make the proper repairs. It is unfair to the owner of a lemon car, because it is not the owner’s fault that the car is a lemon vehicle. If the auto dealership does not take back the vehicle, then you may need to talk to an attorney to get the job done.

Help, My Car Is a Lemon and the Car Dealership Will Not Help Me, What Can I Do?”

You never have to go this alone when you have a lemon car case. It is easy to get the help you need. All that you need to do is to call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 for help with your lemon car claim. If you need to get a rental car because your vehicle is too unsafe to drive during an active lemon car claim, then you may be able to be reimbursed for these expenses at the conclusion of your claim. Just call us today, and we will give you the next steps to managing and winning a lemon car claim against the auto manufacturer who created the lemon car.

Common Defects Found on a Lemon Car

There will be many different types of defects found on a lemon car, usually not just one defect. If your car has major defects, these issues may affect several different components on the vehicle. For example, if there is a leaking coming from the engine, then the leak of oil may have detrimentally affected several other areas of the engine with the one defect. These defects can make it difficult for the car to run smoothly, or even to be driven safely until the leaks are fixed.

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If the car dealership is unable to fix and repair a defect on a lemon car, it may be time for the auto manufacturer to buyback the vehicle and give you a full refund. Another option in some cases, may be that the auto manufacturer will replace your lemon car with a comparable new vehicle. There are many nuances to the California Lemon Laws.

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Recent Victory for Consumers Who Unknowingly Bought Lemon Cars

Auto manufacturers don’t get off with a pass when they make lemon cars. For example, GM has to pay out in class actions over their defective engine lawsuits. General Motors trucks and SUVs with faulty Generation IV Vortec 5300 LC9 engines were forced to settle a lawsuit recently, regarding defective engines.

The courts ordered GM to pay over $100 million to car owners in three separate class actions regarding this defect for their engines in around 38,000 vehicles in North Carolina, California and Idaho. Unfortunately, there will be more class actions just like this one, as long as the big car manufacturers keep sending out lemon cars for sale in the open public car buying markets.

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