Can I Lemon My Car Because It Has an Airbag Recall?

Is an Airbag Recall a Good Reason to Lemon a Car?

Yes, an airbag recall is an excellent reason to lemon a car. This is because a defective airbag is a high-level safety feature of any vehicle. If you are in an accident and the airbag does not deploy immediately on impact, you can be seriously injured in the crash. For example, airbags are in the vehicles to stop you from violently moving around in a car during an accident. If the airbag is not there, or undeployed, you can be thrown from the vehicle through the front windshield, causing debilitating injuries or even death.

Years ago, before the 1990s, cars may not have had an airbag because they were not standard from the car manufacturer in all vehicles at that time. When you were in an accident and there was no airbag to prevent you from being injured in the car, you had a high likelihood of being as much hurt inside the car from the impact as the physics of the car accident itself.

What Happens in a Car Accident Without an Airbag?

A car accident without an airbag being deployed is taking you back to the “Stone Ages” of how car accidents were experienced by the drivers and passengers of a vehicle. Let’s put on our Physics Professor hat for a few moments here, to see the forces that act on your body during a crash. If you are hit from the front, sides or the back during a car accident, your car will be put into motion from the force of the hitting of the metal on the roads. At any given time, riding in a car, it feels as if your body is “at rest,” that meaning that it is riding comfortably on the seat as the car is in motion. But, your body is in motion too, just as your car is in motion.

Your Body Is in Motion Going Through Space as Fast as Your Car Is Actually Traveling During a Car Crash

Many people forget that if they are cruising at 80 miles an hour down the highway, your body is actually also moving at 80 mph too. Oh yes, you are sitting in a comfy leather seat, with excellent suspension, shock absorbers and even in a luxury car, but your body is still being quietly and comfortably hurled through space – at 80 miles an hour. Now let’s say that there is a car accident, what has really happened?

It is quite simple to say and to understand, that during a car accident something or someone has stopped your vehicle from moving through space. Quite literally and permanently, that is the crux of the matter. A car accident stops you from your forward motion through space, on the road, driving on the highway, rolling down the country road, running along your route, or driving home during your commute. You were once moving along and then you were stopped cold, that is all there is to say about it.

Rigid Physical Forces Stopping Your Car During an Accident Can Be Deadly for Your Body Without the Cushion Effect of an Airbag

Now, let’s go back to your car without an airbag before the 1990s. During any type of accident, your car would have been hit by another car, and it would have stopped the car cold in its tracks. But your body is still going at 80 miles an hour, and it has to go somewhere, it is not going to stop immediately on being hit from the front, back or from behind the vehicle. This is the reason that people were ejected through the windshields of their cars, before airbags were standard in a vehicle. You would have been shot through the glass in the car, forced against a door or any other structure in the car, pushed into the cowl or dashboard of the car, crushed against any side area of the car, and the results were usually devastating to behold.

Ultimately, let’s fast forward to the present, and look at the effects of a car accident again with an airbag. The primary focus of an airbag is to stop you from moving in a car crash. It does that by deploying immediately when the sensors on the vehicle sense that there is a rapid and immediate deceleration of your car. Simply put, if your car stops fast, the airbag senses an accident is happening and it puffs up the airbag to keep your in your place. Staying in place during an accident is way more helpful to your body preventing a serious injury during the accident. Otherwise, you will flop around in the vehicle and sustain serious and disabling injuries.

Life Without an Airbag Is Like Living in the 1990s – You Are Going to Be Seriously Injured in a Car Crash

If your car has airbags and they are defective, preventing them from deploying in a car accident, then you might as well be driving a car from the 1980s. You are not going to have any protection during the crash, and the likelihood of suffering disabling and permanent injuries is extremely high. No one wants to drive a car under those conditions, or to risk those odds of being hurt or killed in an accident. Therefore, having an airbag that is defective is definitely going to be a good reason to lemon a car.

You need airbags to always function properly in your vehicle. This is the only way to avoid serious and debilitating injuries if you were to be involved in an accident. Imagine a defect that can kill you, and you are thinking correctly about a defective airbag.

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Car Manufacturers Who Use Defective Airbags Can Count on Their Cars Getting Recalled

If a car manufacturer uses an airbag in their cars that is defective, they can count on their cars getting recalled with the airbag situation. Any car with an airbag that is damaged, faulty, flawed or defective will need to get recalled, which means that the car manufacturer will suffer some bad press along with the airbag recall as well. If your car has a defective airbag, you will need to call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, to discuss your case. We are here to help you to get the money you deserve, when your car is a lemon and has a defective airbag in the vehicle.

Common Defects When a Lemon Vehicle Has a Defective Airbag

Airbags on a car can be recalled for a number of reasons. These reasons are usually safety related, and can include:

  • Sensors malfunctioning to not deploy the airbag during a crash
  • Poorly designed seats that won’t work properly with the airbags
  • Chemical issues in the airbag
  • Inflation problems with the airbags
  • Airbags that explode upon impact injuring the passengers and drivers in a vehicle
  • On-off switches on the airbags with imperfections
  • Cars sold with already deployed airbags that were not properly replaced

To sum up, if you experience a defect with your airbag in your vehicle, you more than likely have a lemon car. You can lemon your car for a defective airbag, all that you need to do is to call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now, to start the process to a victory in this situation.

Recent Victories for Defective Manufacturer’s Parts in a Vehicle

The Volkswagen auto manufacturer has been in court and had to settle with consumers who bought cars with a defective water pump. This defect affected Volkswagen and Audi vehicles from 2014 to 2021. The problem with the defect is that the pumps failed early in the driving of a new vehicle, were prone to overheating and could cause the engine to seize as well. Most people do not comprehend the horror of an engine suddenly stopping on the roads, but it can happen when there is a major safety defect such as this one. Imagine driving on a highway at 65-75 mph, and your engine suddenly cutting off. Now slowing down, but immediately stopping while you are in traffic, with other cars around, swerving off the road into a culvert or a ditch, the result can be horrifying and deadly.

Volkswagen has allowed a settlement that repaired the pump within eight years or 80,000 miles, to where they would pay for the cost of the repairs in most situations. This is an example of a serious safety component that Volkswagen allowed to go unchecked, and now the auto manufacturer has to pay for all vehicles that need repairs of this water pump. Keeping cars on the roads and safe to drive is the first duty of any car manufacturer, hopefully Volkswagen has learned a lesson with this settlement of their defective part.

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