Can I Lemon My Car If I Was Doing Deliveries?

Can You Lemon Your Car If You Are Doing Delivery Driving for Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Doorsdash?

The short answer is positive, that you may still be able to lemon your car if you are doing deliveries driving for Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats or Doordash. You will want to understand though, that you do not want to put excessive miles on your vehicle. The action of driving for a delivery service may put your car in a category of being excessively driven, if you do rack up high mileage on the vehicle.

For example, the average miles driven for a person per year in California are around 12,500 miles annually. If you drive for a delivery service and take customers on an outside range set of delivery jobs, you may put over 25,000 miles on your car. That number is double the average number of miles.

Driving Extra Miles on Your Car Can Also Rack Up Higher Car Maintenance Costs for Your Vehicle

If you drive for a home food delivery service, you may be racking up more miles on your car. With the more miles that you are putting on the car, you can also be adding up more maintenance issues that your car will need to deal with as well.

For example, if on a normal car there will be some components that will need to be replaced after 12,000 miles. After driving an average of 12,000 miles or so, you will need to maintain your car with:

  • Replacing steering components if worn
  • Replacing suspension components if worn
  • Replacing brake lining, rotors or drums if worn
  • Changing out the oil every 3,000 miles
  • Changing out the coolant and antifreeze
  • Changing out the cabin air filters
  • Rotating and balancing the tires
  • Resetting tire pressure monitor systems

In the case that you did do deliveries for food services with your car, but stayed on the low side of mileage, you may not have a problem to lemon your car with a manufacturer’s defect. But if you are high on the scale of many thousands of extra miles, because of your delivering food with your car, you may be in the category of excessively using your vehicle.

If you have had an excessive use of miles on your vehicle, you may not be able to make a claim for a lemon car at that point. If you have any questions, you will definitely want to call us to discuss it. You can call us today to talk about your claim at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Help, I Do Deliveries, But My Car Was Still a Lemon Car, Can I Still Make a Claim?”

Well, we would need to go over the situation with you, to ensure that you are still within the bounds of recovering under the California lemon laws on this one. If you have a manufacturer’s defect on your car, and it was discovered within the first 18 months of use or the first 18,000 miles, you are within your rights to claim a lemon car. You have to give a shop the chance to fix it, and then it will be determined if the car is still a lemon after that.

Why Does the Shop Get a Chance to Fix the Lemon Car?

Well, this only makes sense if your car is a lemon vehicle, that you allow the shop a chance to fix the situation. You will need to take your car to an authorized auto dealership to fix the manufacturer’s defect, once you determine that you have a lemon car. There is a public policy reason behind this idea. Once a car is a lemon because of a manufacturer’s defect, you would want a shop to fix it. There would not be an efficient use of a vehicle to just give up on it once it has a defect. This is true especially if the defect could have been repaired.

The shop has a chance to reasonably repair the lemon car. That means that it needs to try to repair it in 30 days or within a month or so. The shop also has to take your car in and repair it within three to four tries. If the repair is related to a major issue in the car that could cause you do have a serious injury or death, then the manufacturer through the car dealership needs to repair it even faster, within two to three times.

Either way, the lemon laws are a bit lenient on these terms, and it would be easier for you to have an attorney who is knowledgeable on these issues. You can get full access to our legal team, by calling us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

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Typical and Common Defects for Vehicles That Have Lemon Law Concerns

Many vehicles get or exhibit issues in the first year of owning the car or truck. This is because the vehicles have a latent or unknown manufacturer’s defect, which stays hidden until the car is driven for a higher number of miles. Many times, a defect does not rear its head until the car is being driven for at least a year. When your car has a latent defect and it needs to be repaired, you will want to call our law office right away. We can help you to get through the process with the manufacture and the car dealership.

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Recent Victories Against the Big Car Manufacturers

In 2016, the Volkswagen car company settled a class action for $14.7 billion. This was based on the misinformation for the emission reading of the TDI diesel cars that were tampered with to pass the emissions testing stateside. In general, the big car manufacturers are understanding now that they cannot dupe or mislead the general public. In the future, there will continue to be more victories for consumers, who may have a lemon car on account of a defect on a car from the big car manufacturers.

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