Can I Lemon My Car If I Was Driving for Uber for a Time?

It may be possible to lemon your car if you were driving the car for Uber for a time. What will need to be considered is whether the car was driven excessively, which would have run up the mileage on the vehicle. The California lemon laws apply to a vehicle that has a manufacturer’s defect that came with the car as it was new. Just because you have driven the lemon car for Uber may not mean that you are therefore prohibited from making a lemon car claim later on that vehicle.

What Does the California Lemon Law Say About Lemon Vehicles and Recoveries?

The California Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.2) says that your car is covered by the state lemon laws, if it is defective and unrepairable after reasonable attempts to repair the vehicle. Let’s break this down a little, and review what this law really means.

Your Vehicle Should Likely Be on the Lower End of Miles

Some notations have been made that the lemon laws reference a timeframe of 18,000 miles or 18 months, whichever event comes first. But the truth is that if you have a lemon car, it may time driving the vehicle for say over 20,000 miles or for 20 months, to determine that the car is a lemon. The courts may be somewhat lenient on the exact number of miles. But if you have a high excessive number of miles, then there is an argument that the care was not “normally” driven, but driven hard as in driven into the ground.

For example, if you have a lemon car and know that you may want to turn it back in for a lemon claim, that might not be the best time to drive the lemon car cross country for “free.” If you are planning to turn in a lemon car, and have genuine concerns regarding the ultimate safety of the vehicle, then it is not appropriate for you to drive the car cross country first.

If you put high miles on a lemon car, you are taking the risk that something will go horribly wrong on a long drive. Why would you take that chance with your life, and the lives of other people driving in cars on the roadway around you? It surely doesn’t make sense, and you would not do this action of running up your car miles for Uber, and then turn it in for a lemon car.

Is My Car Still Going to Be a Lemon If I Was Driving for Lyft for a Time?

This answer is similar to the question of whether you can drive for Uber for some time. If you are driving for Lyft and are planning to lemon your car, it can still be performed, but not if you drive up excessive miles on the vehicle.

The idea of making a claim with your vehicle is that you need to lemon your car, on account of the issues related to defects on the vehicles. If you continue driving your lemon car that has defects and are a Lyft driver, then you could be putting yourself and your rideshare passengers in harms way. If your car is a lemon car and you continue to ride for Lyft, then you are liable for possible injuries to the passengers if one of the safety defects on your vehicle flares up while you are driving around for Lyft.

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Common Defects of Lemon Law Cars and Trucks

There is a plethora of common defects that can be found on cars and trucks that typically are noted as lemon vehicles. These defects can create problems for a vehicle, and make it less safe to drive out on the open roadways and highways. Some common defects of lemon cars and trucks can include:

  • Power train
  • Steering
  • Parking brakes
  • Fuel systems
  • Visibility and external lights
  • Engine
  • Structural designs and welding of joints
  • Cruise control
  • Door latches
  • Wheels and tires
  • Sensor systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Airbags

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Recent Victories for Lemon Car Claims

The consumers who buy a lemon vehicle from a big manufacturer, are finding that they are sorely disappointed in their car having defects. These defects are often safety related, and can seriously compromise the vehicle and subsequently make the car unsafe to drive.

There are many recent victories for the consumers related to big manufacturers being held responsible and accountable for producing lemon cars and trucks at their assembly plants. One example is that Volkswagen and Audi companies have to regroup to handle the cheating devices in their cars meant to sway emissions levels in their vehicles.

Another issue is that the Volkswagen Group of America Inc. has had problems with wiring harness issues that prevent the Volkswagen parking brake to work properly when engaged. Now that these issues are made aware and in active litigation, there is a chance for real change and safety issues to be better managed for the consumer public.

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