Can I Lemon My Car If It Has Been Recalled Multiple Times?

In the last few years, many auto manufacturers have had to have massive recalls of their defective lemon vehicles. Honda has had to recall over 230,000 2018 Honda Accords, and 2019 Insight model vehicles, for faulty center displays that power the backup cameras to the vehicles. When the cameras do not function properly, the drivers are unable to see what is behind their vehicles. That means that they can pull out into traffic, run into other cars and not see pedestrians in their paths, all while driving in reverse gear.

New Federal Rules Show That All New Cars Must Have a Functioning Backup Camera for Vehicles Starting in 2018 for 2019 Vehicles Going Forward

In the old days, when the driver wanted to back up or go into reverse, you were taught to put your right arm on the passenger seat and crane your neck backwards to check for hazards. Those are the old days now, because starting in 2019 all new vehicles are supposed to have a backup camera included in the vehicle. If a car is less than 10,000 pounds, then the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has stated that these new vehicles have to have a working backup camera.

The idea of the backup camera is meant to save lives. Children are often killed because no one can see them playing behind a car that is backing up. That is why in 2008 Congress passed the legislation called the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, which forces new cars to have a backup camera. That being said, if your backup camera in your new lemon vehicle is defective, then you are operating your car against the current laws mandating your backup camera is functioning at all times.

Can I Lemon My Car If It Has Been Recalled Multiple Times for the Same Issue or for Different Issues?

Yes, you may be able to lemon your car, in the event that there have been multiple recalls on it, and the issue not being finally repaired or fixed during those recalls. You can also lemon your car for various recalls that reference different issues on the same automobile. When is enough going to be enough, in relation to the number of recalls that can be issued and demanded on the same vehicle?

Of course, a car can have a minor recall on the vehicle, to repair a minor part that needs to be replaced, according to the manufacturer’s list of defects. But when there are vehicles with multiple recalls in a short amount of time, that is going to point towards a car with a lot of problems: hence a true lemon car. If your car has many different recalls directed to the same vehicle, perhaps you should consider initiating litigation regarding a plan to lemon your car.

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Auto Manufacturers Produce Lemon Cars and Do Not Appear Sorry Who They Hurt with Sloppy Manufacturing

Car manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves, for producing lemon cars and selling them through car dealerships to the consumers in the public markets. If the customers buy cars that are lemon vehicles, they are putting their personal safety and the safety of their families at risk, every time that they step into these lemon cars.

Most people look forward to buying their first car or their next new car, and no one expects it to be a lemon car. Just because you have bought or leased a lemon car, you are not “stuck” with it forever. You can call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 to get legal help in the next steps to receiving a full reimbursement settlement on your lemon car claim.

Common Defects for Recalled Vehicles and Lemon Cars

You can expect that any car can have a defect, but lemon cars tend to have major defects. Consumer goods are covered under the California Lemon Laws, and when sold as new they are not expected to have a major defect on the vehicle at all. In fact, a new car should be as close to perfect as possible, when brand-spanking new from the car dealership’s showroom.

If your vehicle has a common defect with the engine, transmission, tires or structure of the vehicle, that is not a defect, that is going to be considered a fatal flaw. When this happens and your car is not safe to drive, then the defect has severely compromised your ability to drive in the car safely. At that point, the vehicle can become a death trap, and not what you were expecting from a new car. If you find yourself in this position, wondering what to do with a lemon car, you can call us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Recent Victories for Consumers with Honda Lemon Cars

Various Acura and Honda cars were plagued with a defect that affected the hands-free calling system in the cars. This defect was known to drain the battery completely down to zero, even if the car was turned in the “off” position. Honda was supposedly knowing about the defect over the last few decades, but did not share the concerns with the general public.

Honda was also noted to have possibly told the car dealerships of the defect, which means that there could be a fraud or concealment claim by car owners, if that was indeed the case. There will be upcoming litigation and class actions initiated on these claims, to allow consumers to be reimbursed for their lemon vehicles with this manufacturer’s defect.

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