Can I Lemon My Car If It Was Recalled?

Recalls on vehicles can occur at any time. A vehicle is subject to a recall, it means that there is a manufacturer’s defect on the vehicle. If there is an issue with a new vehicle that implicates a manufacturer’s defect, it can be a serious safety issue for the vehicle. Sometimes, there can be more than one defect on a vehicle. The car manufacturers often will issue a voluntary recall on a model of their vehicles. This is an important first step for an auto manufacturer, to give the owners of the vehicles an opportunity to bring the cars in to the manufacturer or to the dealer, to correct the defect on the car.

Once the defects are corrected on the vehicles, it would be the hope that the vehicles would run perfectly “like brand new.” But oftentimes, even after a manufacturer’s defect is fixed, there can be other related defects or problems with a car, rendering the car still unsafe to drive. The car manufacturers are responsible to repair any defects on their vehicles. If the cars cannot be repaired after they are brought in for a recall, then the manufacturers may need to replace the vehicle with a new car for the consumer who bought the car.

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We are here to help you, if you are the victim of buying a car or truck that has been noted with a defect. When you buy a new car or vehicle, if there is a defect in it from the start, it usually means that the defect was apparent on the vehicle as it left the manufacturer’s assembly line. This is a critical step to review, because it is usually assumed that a car manufacturer will send out the best cars to the consumers who purchase them.

In general, no one buys a car thinking that it will be full of defects. Everyone thinks and assumes that a new car will be as perfect as possible. We are able to help you when you have had to deal with a car that has defects, fresh from the manufacturer’s assembly line. If you bought a car with defects, then you need to give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law firm. We can give you the next steps, to initiating a lawsuit to get the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of case.

Manufacturer’s Recalls Can Be Mandatory or Voluntary

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, will decide if an automobile needs to be recalled, based on whether there are enough complaints and claims that the car is unsafe. If a vehicle poses an unreasonable safety risk when being driven on the roads, or if the vehicle fails to meet even the minimum safety standards, then the NHTSA will declare that the manufacturer makes a recall on that model vehicle to have the issue fixed on that car or truck. In those cases, the Lemon Laws will be triggered. This will prompt car manufacturers to be required to either fix the problem, repair it, replace the vehicle, offer the consumer a full refund of the purchase price or repurchase the vehicle back from the consumer.

Sometimes, a car manufacturer will realize that there is a safety or other type of defect that slipped by the quality control review from their manufacturing plants. In those cases, the car manufacturer will issue a voluntary recall on a vehicle, in order to get owners to bring their cars back to the dealership where they were purchased. When that happens, the auto manufacturers usually fix the recalled issue on the vehicles for free. The only factor in those cases for the consumer is one of being inconvenienced, to have to return with their vehicles to the dealership.

Why Is a Voluntary Manufacturer’s Recall Important?

Sometimes a manufacturer will not make a recall of their defective vehicles on their own, and the safety administration in our country will force a mandatory recall. But in the interest of keeping everyone safe on the roads, a voluntary recall is also important, and the dealerships usually do a good job to call, text, email or snail mail the consumers to make them aware of any manufacturer’s defect, and their interest to get it fixed as soon as possible. Oftentimes as well, a manufacturer’s recall will come up for a consumer when the person has the car regularly inspected, and repairs can be made at that time (such as when getting a routine oil change or regularly scheduled car maintenance on the vehicle).

Common Auto Manufacturer Defects Affecting Cars and Trucks

There is a plethora of defects that can affect automobiles on the roads today. These defects can be safety related, or just defects that will affect the overall efficiency of the vehicles. Some of the more problematic and safety related defects can include defects related to a vehicle’s:

  • Seat belts
  • Airbags
  • Fuel systems
  • Door latch and lock mechanisms
  • Steering components
  • Braking system
  • Tires
  • Windshields and windows
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Engine components
  • Electrical wiring and computer systems

If you have experienced any of these issues on your lemon car, just give our attorneys a call today. We can walk you through the next steps right now, to get the settlement package that you need in this type of claim.

Recent Victories in Auto Accident Settlement Lawsuits

Recent victories in auto settlements help consumers to know that consumers can get recovery compensation for auto accidents that were the responsibility of other people. The recent victories include the following settlements:

  • $2.5 settlement for four truck accident victims who were auto passengers in New Jersey.
  • $2.5 settlement for a 40-year-old mother in Suffolk County, NY killed in a car accident.
  • $2.5 settlement for a 20-year-old student in Nassau County, NY for a car accident.

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