Can I Lemon My Car in California If I Purchased My CarLease My Car Out of State

Is It Okay If I Want to Lemon My Car That Is Bought from Another State?

No, it is not okay to lemon your car in California, if it was bought in another state.

Is My Car Bought Out of State Subject to California Consumer Rights Laws If I’m a California Resident?

Your car is subject to the consumer laws of the state where it was purchased. If you bought a car outside of California, you cannot lemon your car in California unless you fall under the military exception to this lemon law rule.

Help, Do I Have to Lemon My Car in the State Where I Purchased the Vehicle?”

The answer to this question is two-fold. Yes, you might have to lemon your vehicle in the state where it was purchased, or “No” if you fall under the military exception for a lemon vehicle in the State of California.

California Lemon Laws Require Your Car to Be Purchased in California

If you did not buy your car in California, then the rules of law of that state regarding lemon laws are not going to apply to your car or lemon car claim.

Active-Duty Military Exception of Lemon Laws to Cars Not Bought in California

If you are in the military as an active-duty personnel or are stationed in California in the military service, there is an exception to the California Lemon Laws that applies to your situation. In that case, if you are in the military, and you bought your car somewhere else, you may still be able to have coverage for your claim under the California Lemon Laws. If you were active-military at the time you filed your lawsuit for recovery under the manufacturer’s defect on your vehicle, you may be covered under the California Lemon Law rules.

Where Did the Title to the Vehicle Get Transferred During the Sale?

If the title for the sale of your vehicle “passed” or was transferred in a different state other than California, then your car may have been considered to be “purchased” in a different state and not in California. There is a public policy reason for all of these semantics, regarding where the car you have with the lemon features was actually bought.

Overall, it may seem like a little deal to you where your car was bought. For example, you may not care at all that your car was purchased in Colorado, and then you brought it to California and drive it exclusively in California. Even still, your car may have been bought in Colorado and only stayed there for one day, then it was driven to California. Or to be even more extreme, your car was delivered in Colorado, was taken off the auto transporter, “landed” in Colorado for 4 minutes, then was driven or shipped right away to California, where it is now driven full time.

Help, What Gives with a Car That Is Technically Bought in a State Outside of California, What Is the Big Deal?”

A car that is bought in California at an authorized auto dealership has been subjected to the rules of law of the State of California. That means that the auto dealership has to handle, manage, take care of and review cars that they sell to the public in the State of California. You may be wondering, “Are the laws of other states regarding car sales that much different, than the way cars are sold and handled in the State of California?” The answer might surprise you, but “Yes,” there can be differences between states, and the courts of different states may be different or have a slightly different take on the lemon laws in that state as well.

Look at the Car Title to Follow the Chain of Ownership of the Vehicle

If a car is bought in a different state, it will be listed on paperwork that is associated with the car. Where this can become difficult to decipher and understand, is how cars are delivered to a car dealership in the first place. Auto dealerships often do “swaps” where they swap one car for another at sister and affiliated dealerships, or even with competitors depending on the demand for a certain car model by the public. A car dealership can also order a car, buy it and then transfer it around between dealerships as it is sold to consumers in the public. This can be a highly complicated process to track where a car originated, and if the car was actually “bought” in California or not.

You Need an Attorney to Help You Sort Out What Rules of Law Are Applicable to the California Lemon Laws

We understand the California Lemon Laws, and manage cases every day with the use of these principles.

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Manufacturer of Lemon Cars in California Can Be Any Model

Generally speaking, there are lemon vehicles in most of the big auto manufacturer lineups, when you carefully review the quality of their assembly line produced cars. That being said, it is hard to find one brand of car that does not or never had a recall, because of a manufacturer’s defect that was later identified on a vehicle. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle being a lemon car, just call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 today, to review your lemon car claim.

Common Defects of Lemon Cars

There are many ways that a car can be seen as a lemon car. If it has a list of defects that can affect the safety or drivability of the vehicle, it will be a lemon vehicle. The defects on your car can include:

  • Cooling system defects
  • Shock absorber leaks
  • Radius rods missing or damaged
  • Ball joint seals defective
  • Drive shaft and transmission defective
  • Electrical system defects
  • Leaking battery defects
  • Fuel system leaks
  • Air conditioner defects
  • Mounting bolts defective
  • Under carriage defects and structural issues
  • Noise vibration and rattling in the transmission
  • Power unit belts defective
  • Steering wheel defects
  • Defective tires susceptible to blowouts

If your lemon car has suffered any of these defects, you may want to call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We can review your case and lemon claim with you when you call us today.

Recent Victories for Lemon Lawsuits

Auto manufacturers who produce lemon vehicles have to pay the consumers back for their trouble, once the defects are identified in their poorly made automobiles. As an example, Toyota Prius hybrid cars had a brake defect that affected the safe drivability of the vehicles. The Federal traffic safety administrations looked at the brake defect and noted that it was hazardous for drivers of the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles. This issue affected the following Toyota vehicles:

2012-2015 hybrid Prius

2010-2015 Prius Liftback

2013-2015 Avalon Hybrid

2012-2014 Camry Hybrid

The authorities estimated that over 1 million cars are affected by this manufacturer’s defect, which can affect the brake assembly and cylinders. A class lawsuit is filed for recovery of the defective brake booster and brake booster pump failure that can occur in Toyota cars.

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