Can I Lemon My Tesla If There Has Been a Recall?

Can I Lemon My Tesla Is There Has Been a Recall lawyer sue incident accident

Can I Lemon a Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y Based on a Current Recall?

The short answer is “Yes,” you can lemon a Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y if it has been listed as a car slated to be recalled by the manufacturer. The purpose of a recall is that the manufacturer identifies a defective component of a car or vehicle, and alerts the consumer public that the defect exists. The alerts need to be by a letter to the vehicle owner on the records received from the auto dealership.

If there is a safety recall, convenience component recall or other type of recall, the manufacturer usually fixes the vehicle for free for the car owner. That means that the consumer returns the car to the dealership at a scheduled date and time, and the car dealership auto mechanic shop will repair the defect for free. If there are major safety issues related to a vehicle, the manufacturer may be forced to recall the entire car. At that point, the car manufacturer may need to buy back the vehicles that are identified as defective from the consumers, or replace their defective vehicles with the same make and model car.

Manufacturer Recalls Can Come at Any Time During Owning a Tesla Model Car

Tesla Inc. can recall a car at any time that they deem a car needs to come back to the manufacturer, because of a universal major deficit or defect on the vehicle. For example, recently there were 30,000 Model X cars that were recalled by Tesla on account of the front passenger air bag failed to deploy properly in a crash situation.

In the case of the Model X car air bag, the manufacturer found out that the air bag did not deploy properly even in a low-speed collision. Upon further investigation, the air bag of the Tesla Model X did not deploy if a young passenger was not in a seat belt, and was out of the proper seated position in the vehicle. This situation would cause a high risk for an injury to that passenger in the Model X vehicle, and thus the cars were sent back for a recall.

Tesla Cars Have Had Other Recalls Just This Year as Well

Tesla has also recalled more than 40,000 Model S and Model X cars this year, because some cars have had a drop in power steering assist when the driver is on a rough road. That means that the driver may lose power steering on a bumpy road, after the person hits a pothole on the roads.

If a Tesla Model S or Model X is riding on a bumpy road, that is a situation where the car needs to handle at its best. This is an example of how a manufacturing defect can spell disaster for the consumers who buy defective automobiles.

What Are the Typical Reasons for a Tesla Recall?

The reasons that a Tesla car is recalled will be the same reason that any other car is recalled. There are usually several different categories of recalls. The top reasons for many cars being recalled are because of a safety issue, design issue, emissions problem or a general manufacturing defect in the installed parts on a vehicle.

Take a Defective Tesla to an Authorized Dealership for Tesla Repairs

If a Tesla car is recalled because of any defect on the vehicle, then the owner of the car needs to take the car to a Tesla authorized repair shop. The shops where Tesla cars can be repaired are all owned by Tesla. This will greatly enhance the quality of the repairs at those auto repair shops. Since Tesla’s are electric cars, then the technician working to repair a recall defect on a Tesla will have a certificate on how to best service that vehicle. It is not advisable to take a defective Tesla to “any old shop” to get it repaired. You will instead need to call Tesla and find out where the nearest shop to you is located, and take your car there to repair any recalled defective parts or car components.

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What Are Some Common Defects on Tesla Lemon Cars?

The Tesla vehicle is a car of the future, but it can be plagued by defective parts and components as much as any other vehicle. some common defects related to Tesla vehicles can include:

  • Autopilot problems
  • Autopilot sensor issues
  • Steering system problems
  • Loss of power at normal speeds
  • Cars unable to be properly towed
  • Poor quality of build
  • Batteries that explode or catch on fire during charging
  • Poor alignment on the wheel bases
  • Windshield visibility defects
  • Locking system failures
  • Suddenly losing tire pressure
  • Seat belt retention pulleys defective
  • High levels of road noises in the cabin
  • Gas pedal suddenly accelerating
  • Brakes failed when applied under normal driving conditions
  • Customer service high waiting times when called during emergencies by customers

If you have experienced these or any other defects on a recalled Tesla, you need to all our office today to discuss your claim. We are available to take your call at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now.

Recent Victories for Consumers of Lemon Cars Are on the Horizon

Consumers are able to litigate against auto manufacturers who allow defects on their vehicles sold to consumer markets. The Ford Motor Company sold and manufactured 5.2 million Ford Super Duty trucks that had serious defects, including a roof that could collapse on the occupants of the cars during a rollover accident. The current litigation is ongoing, and shows that the Ford manufacturer may have had prior knowledge that the truck roofs were highly prone to dangerous collapses, before the trucks were ever sold.

Now that auto manufacturers have to take seriously the claims of consumers when there are manufacturer’s defects, the consumers are in a better place to recover full compensation from cases that are brought to the courts. These cases for lemon cars will continue to be a “win” for the buying public, as more and more auto manufacturers are held responsible for the lemon car defects that they allow to leave the auto assembly line on the cars that they produce for consumers. If you have a claim for a lemon car Tesla that has been recalled, you can talk to us by calling the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

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