Can I Return My Lemon Car If the Bluetooth Keeps Going Out?

The Bluetooth apparatus on a car is what allows the driver to take and make calls from the vehicle when the car is in motion. This call system is superb as it offers safety for drivers, and it allows them to drive while maintaining their hands on the steering wheel, preventing an accident. This technology has been called “hands free” driving, because it allows the driver to keep a firm focus on the road, and not have to look down to text or punch in numbers to actively make a call while currently driving on the road.

But if the Bluetooth system on a new car is defective, then that car may be considered to be a lemon vehicle. Unfortunately, without the use of a working Bluetooth system, a car may be a hazard on the roadways, because the drivers will need to look down at a phone to take a call, receive a call or get alerts necessary to safe driving on the roadways.

Can I Return My Car to the Car Dealership If I Can’t Connect My Phone to the Bluetooth?

Yes, you can return your car to the dealership if you are unable to connect your phone to the Bluetooth in your vehicle because of a manufacturer’s defect with the Bluetooth. Years ago, it was the normal case that the general public used to drive with one hand on their phones and another hand on the wheel.

We know now that this was a major cause for accidents and fatalities, because people were texting, calling to others, answering phone calls and dialing with their hands on a smartphone. The purpose for a solid and secure Bluetooth connection in a vehicle, is to ensure that the driver can safely answer a call without taking your hands off the wheel. But in the event that your new car’s Bluetooth is malfunctioning, you will have an unsafe vehicle, and that is not just a problem, but also it is a hazard for other drivers on the roadways.

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Manufacturer Defects with Bluetooth Devices on Lemon Cars Are a Nuisance for New Car Owners

If your Bluetooth device on your new car is not working, there can be several reasons why this is so. The Bluetooth system in your vehicle does more than just answer the phone for you. It allows you to:

  • Make mobile phone calls
  • Receive mobile phone calls
  • Receive alerts from GPS and mapping services
  • Send text messages by using your voice
  • Listen to audio streamed from your mobile phone

If your Bluetooth in the lemon car you bought or lease is malfunctioning, you may have some problems making and receiving calls safely in your vehicle. The Bluetooth technology works by pairing a device and connecting to the vehicle in a way that pairs your phone to the vehicle software and hardware systems. When the Bluetooth system is defective, it may also affect the other infotainment systems of your vehicle.

Common Defects for Bluetooth Systems in a Vehicle Ruin the Experience of Buying or Leasing a New Vehicle

Buying a new car is meant to be an exciting time for any consumer. You found the car you liked, drove it around on a test drive and bought it from the car dealership. Later on, you realized that your car is a dud because the internal system of the Bluetooth does not work. Additionally, you may have noticed that your car has other related infotainment issues, and that it has many different manufacturer’s defects associated with the vehicle. That lemon car that you now own may not even be safe enough to drive out on the open roads.

If this scenario has happened to you, do not fret or become frustrated over your fate. We are here to help you in this situation, and can accommodate you and your busy personal schedule. We are ready to go over the next steps, to help you to initiate a lawsuit to recover the money you paid for your car and all expenses related to any damages that you have incurred having to deal with a lemon vehicle.

Recent Victories for Hyundai and Kia Lemon Car Owners

The 2020-20202 Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride SUVs experienced a defect of a problematic trailer hitch wiring harness, whereby it could cause a risk of fire for owners. A recall of nearly 300,000 vehicles was performed, and the owners found that the trailer hitch wiring harness short circuited when debris was able to get inside the circuit boards in the unit. To date, there have been 25 episodes of fire or melting of the unit that is the subject of the defect.

There was a class action initiated to help recovery for losses and damages related to the defect of the tow hitch harness accessory unit for the Hyundai and Kia trucks. A fire risk in these vehicles is a serious defect and hazard, and many people will join this class action as the defect becomes more well known. These vehicles and units will be recalled before the end of 2022, and buyers may have the opportunity to recover their extended losses and damages that occurred as a result of this identified tow harness defect.

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