Can I Still Lemon My Car If My Car Note Car Payment is up

Can I Still Lemon My Car If My Car Note – Car Payment Is Up

What Is a Car Note on a New Car?

If you have purchased your new car with a loan agreement from a credit union, bank or lending institution, then you are more than likely paying car note on that vehicle. You will be expected to continue making the car note payments each month. The car note payments will be allocated out and will be the amount of the loan divided by the number of years allotted to pay back the loan.

Once you make all of these payments, then you are the owner of the vehicle that you have been paying the car note on over time. Whether you have a car note paid up on the vehicle that you own or not, if you have a defect on the vehicle, you will likely be eligible for reimbursement under the California Lemon Laws.

Car Notes Can Be Large or Small Depending on the Money Put Down to Buy the Vehicle

Your car note can be a large amount of over $10,000, or can be a small amount of just a few thousand dollars. The amount of your car note will depend on how much money you used to put as a down payment on your vehicle. If you had the car and put down a few thousand dollars on a pricier vehicle, then your loan will be larger. If you put down half the value of the car as the down payment on your car, and then paid off the difference, you have a smaller car note to pay off.

Either way, if the car note is paid off or not, you are still eligible to recover compensation, get the defects repaired, or get a new car if the car cannot reasonably be repaired by the manufacturer when there is an identified defect on the car. You don’t need to worry; you can call our law office to discuss the claim for a defect as applied to the California Lemon Laws. We are here for you, and are ready to help you in your time of need. But that won’t happen, unless you give us a call right now.

If I Have Finished Paying Off My Car Note, What Is the California Lemon Law on Returning My Car?

If you have finished paying off your car note, your car can still be eligible for the California Lemon Law. If you have paid off your car note with the lending company or bank, it just means that you own your car outright. You are still entitled to be reimbursed or get a replacement vehicle if your car cannot be reasonably repaired in 30 days, because of a manufacturer’s defect.

Remember, your vehicle that is still under the original warranty is eligible under the California Lemon Law if the defect is identified, noted and cannot be repaired by the manufacturer through a car dealer or car repair shop. For example, in California, if your car is bought outright or a leased vehicle, it is still eligible for recovery under the California Lemon Laws if there is a manufacturer’s defect related to the car.

Can I Still Lemon My Car If I Have Car Defects and My Car Note Is Up?

Yes, you can still lemon your care if the car has defects that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and the problem first happened inside of 18 months or an unlimited number of miles of ownership of the vehicle.

If your car note has been paid up, that does not affect the fact that is has an identified defect that is on that vehicle. Defects on a car that comes to a car dealership from a manufacturer can be a safety issue for the vehicle.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We can give to you a zero-fee guarantee today, when you call us to discuss your lawsuit for a car defect on a new car. This will be applicable to your case, even if your car note is paid up. Just call us now to get information and advice from a lawyer with experience in California Lemon Laws.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in California Lemon Laws with a Paid-Up Car Note

You are entitled to a free second opinion and case review, when you call our attorneys who specialize in California Lemon Laws and defects on cars. You can talk to our legal team of lawyers, who are ready to discuss your case with you today. Our legal team has a strong specialty in California Lemon Laws, and you will get the access and advantages that you need with our lawyers, who can help with your vehicle lemon claim. You need to have the access that will win your case, when you talk to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles at our law firm today.

Can I Sue to Get My Car Eligible Per the California Lemon Laws If I Have Paid Up My Car Note?

Yes, we can sue the manufacturer if your car has a defect and it is unsafe to drive. Your car with a defect is a liability to you, and it will not matter in that regard whether your car note is paid up or not. You can call us to talk about your claim, when you call to speak to our Los Angeles case lawyers today.

We are here for you, and can file a lawsuit on your behalf related to the California Lemon Laws and the defects that are identified on your car. Just talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles today, and we can sue to get you the reimbursement you need or get your car replaced, when it is defective straight from the manufacturer’s assembly line to the car dealership.

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You can feel that your concerns are being heard, when you call us for a free consultation. We are here to talk to you about your claim for a defective car, and what you can do to get the car repaired or replaced, even if you have paid up your car note. Just call us today for a free consultation right now.

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