Can You Still Lemon a Car After the Dealers Fixed the Recall – Replaced the Recalled Part?

A Warranty on the Lemon Car Means That the Car Dealership Can Fix It and It Can Still Be a Lemon Car

A warranty on a vehicle will state that the vehicle is covered under the original terms of the warranty. The lemon laws allow the car to be fixed, and once it is fixed it is supposed to have ameliorated the situation. Better said, once a defective car is taken to the car dealership auto shop and the car defect is fixed, it needs to be completely fixed to the point that there are no other issues or defects plaguing the car. If this is not the case, then there will be the choice to still lemon out the car, because even with the choice and chance of the car dealership fixing the vehicle, it still has issues.

Many times, a car that is under warranty can be fixed for the original defect, but the defect may have damaged other related components in the car system. In that case, the other components may need to be fixed as well. If this is the situation, there may be too many issues related to the vehicle, and it may need to be noted as a total lemon car. If the car is not able to be driven safely, then it is a lemon vehicle and may be eligible for a buyback from the manufacturer in this case.

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California Favors an Implied Warranty of Merchantability for Lemon Cars Without a Warranty

In California, even if you have had a car go to the car dealership to be fixed and you don’t have an express warranty, you may still be able to lemon out your vehicle. A car needs to still be fit for the purpose of being a drivable vehicle. In the California Civil Code at Section 1791.3, the definition of an implied warranty states that a vehicle has to be fit for the ordinary purpose that a car would be used for in normal situations. In this case, even if the car dealership has fixed your car and replaced the recalled part, the car still needs to be completely drivable afterwards.

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Common Defects That Can Be Found in Lemon Cars

There is no end to the number of common defects that can be found plaguing a lemon car. It is almost incredible to think that these lemon cars are actually still on the roads. Often the driver is an unsuspecting person who has no idea of the potential harm that a hidden defect can cause. These can be safety issues, drivability issues or convenient issues and problems, all because of a lack of quality control on the part of the car manufacturer.

A short list of potential common defects that can be found on a lemon vehicle can include issues related to:

  • Air bags not opening properly
  • Powertrain not working properly
  • Steering not performing as intended
  • Door locks not working
  • Vehicle speed controls stick or malfunction at high speeds
  • Exterior lighting flicks off or malfunctions
  • Parking brakes fail on hills
  • Engine seizes or freezes
  • Electrical systems short out
  • Fuel system leaks fluid

This is by no means a comprehensive listing of issues on lemon cars. All lemon cars can have the potential to have highly dangerous issues listed as defects on those vehicles. In many ways, a defective car riddled with safety issues can be a death trap for anyone driving those vehicles. If you have had a lemon car with major safety issues related to the vehicle, you need to call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Recent Victories for Consumers with Lemon Cars and Trucks

Consumers can count recent victories that the large auto manufacturers will no longer “get away with” making and producing vehicles that are sub-par, and do not pass required inspections for our nation’s emissions compliance laws. Recently Volkswagen, Fiat, Chrysler, General Motors and other car manufacturers have intentionally sold vehicles with an emissions device that cheats the system to emit high levels of Nitric Oxide or NOx, which is a pollutant. These pollution emissions damage the sustainability of the planet, and can be a serious health risk for humans and animals alike.

These auto manufacturers who tried to cheat the system are currently in litigation in class action lawsuits, which will gross millions of dollars to reimburse the consumers who have lemon cars affected by these cheating machines. It is a plus win for the consumers, as more big auto retailers and manufacturers are finally made to take responsibility for their actions that cheat the systems over time in the past.

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