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Riding the open roads in a new motorcycle, is a great way to take in the sights of our vast country. But if your motorcycle has a manufacturer’s defect, it can make it a dangerous way to get around from one place to another. When a manufacturer makes a new motorcycle, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the motorcycle are safe for the consumers who purchase it.

At the time when a consumer buys a motorcycle and takes it home, there should not be any defects, mistakes, errors in production or unsafe conditions associated with the motorcycle at all. If there are, then the motorcycle may be considered a lemon purchase. In that case, it will be applicable to be managed under the California Lemon Laws. That means that you can get reimbursed for the value of your motorcycle under the Lemon Laws.

Typical Motorcycle Defects Found on New Motorcycles and Harley Davidson’s

If you buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle and it has a manufacturer’s defect, you do not have to suffer in silence. You can identify the manufacturer’s defective condition and advise the manufacturer of this problem. The manufacturer has to repair these types of dangerous conditions, and do so in a reasonable amount of time. If there is no way that the manufacturer can repair the vehicle within a 30-day window or other timeframe that counts towards a reasonable amount of time, then the manufacturer must replace the motorcycle and give you a new one in its place.

The typical types of motorcycle defects found on many new motorcycles and Harley Davidson’s can include issues with:

  • Engine starter failures
  • Engines that seize and will not turn over
  • Engines starting hard
  • Engine starting but runs irregularly
  • Spark plugs failing regularly
  • Engines and components overheating
  • Excessive vibration when riding
  • Oil leaks
  • Oil won’t return to the oil tank
  • Engine leaking oil from all hoses
  • Alternators not charging properly
  • Wheel bearings problems
  • Ignition timing issues
  • Circuit breaker problems
  • Carburetor flooding
  • Transmission shifting too hard
  • Transmission jumping out of gear
  • Slipping of the clutch
  • Clutch dragging and not properly releasing
  • Chattering from the clutch
  • Vibration from the clutch
  • Brakes spongy and not holding properly

If you have experienced any of these defective conditions on a new motorcycle that is a Harley Davidson, or any other type of new motorcycle, you need to give us a call immediately. We are here to discuss with you the opportunity to initiate a lawsuit, in the event that the manufacturer does not obey and comply with the California Lemon Laws as applied to the defects in this case.

How Does Riding on a Defective Motorcycle Lead to a Serious Motorcycle Accident?

If you ignore the defect on your motorcycle, it can lead to a serious motorcycle accident. When you purchase a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, or any other make and model motorcycle, the last concern that you might have is that it is defective or has a defective part, straight from the manufacturer’s assembly line.

There is supposed to be quality control at the motorcycle manufacturer’s plant. That means, that the motorcycle manufacturer is supposed to have quality control over each and every motorcycle that is being manufactured. This needs to be the case for all motorcycles and vehicle manufacturers really, because if there are no controls in place, then there will be mistakes, errors, omissions and mix ups related to the making and crafting of a motorcycle.

Help, My Harley Davidson motorcycle Is Defective, Why Did This Happen to Me?”

If you have a defective motorcycle, it is not your fault, it is the fault of the manufacturer. You did not make the motorcycle, and you did not design it, put it into production and put it onto an assembly line to be mass produced for purchase by consumers in the general public. For this reason, the manufacturer is going to be responsible for defects that are found on a motorcycle.

Remember, even if you don’t have a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you can still call us to discuss your claim for replacement of your lemon motorcycle. If the manufacturer is unable to repair your defect in a reasonable amount of time, you are entitled under the California Lemon Laws, to receive a new motorcycle of the same make and model that was defective.

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We offer to you a zero-fee guarantee every day. You can have a lawsuit initiated on your behalf. You need a lawyer with experience in California Lemon Laws.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in the Fastest Way to Lemon a Motorcycle

When you call us today, you are able to have a free second opinion and case review of your fastest way to lemon a motorcycle. Whether you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle or any other type of motorcycle with a defect from the manufacturer, you need to call us to talk to our attorneys who specialize in California Lemon Laws.

We are here for you, and we are on your side all the way. You can get with a lawyer with a specialty in how to lemon a defective new motorcycle still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. We can aid you with lawyers who can help with your legal claim for restitution on this type of case. All that you have to do to start the process, is to call an experienced attorney in Los Angeles at our law office today.

Can I Sue If I Have a Lemon Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

Yes, we can sue the manufacturer if you have bought a lemon Harley Davidson that has a defect. Any time that you have a defective Harley motorcycle, you need to give our law office a call right now. By calling us today, you can gain access to our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf with a lemon Harley Davidson motorcycle. Just call our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue to get you the recovery compensation you need in this claim.

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We are here when you call us, to discuss the fastest way to lemon your motorcycle, when it has a defective issue from the manufacturer. Your motorcycle may not be safe to continue to ride on, and that will be a safety issue that you will not want to ignore. Just give us a call for a free consultation today. We can advise you on your next steps to getting the recovery compensation that you deserve when you need the fastest way to lemon your defective motorcycle.

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