Fastest Way To Lemon My SUV

Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs are popular cars on the roads today. They are large vehicles that can carry up to 8 passengers, have higher performance engines to haul RVs and boats, and can perform well off the roads as well as on for longer road trips. But SUVs also have a higher risk of being a lemon, which means they are susceptible to defects more than other vehicles in some respects.

The SUV can have different issues than other passenger cars. For example, SUVs can have engineering errors and defects that can make the vehicles unsafe to drive. In these cases, the SUVs from some manufacturers need to recall those vehicles, in order to take them back in to the dealerships to get approved repairs to fix the defects.

Why Are SUVs Susceptible to Recalls and Lemon Status?

A lemon vehicle is one where the car or SUV has defects that can make the vehicle unsafe to drive. If this is the case and the vehicle is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty, then the manufacturer is going to be responsible for either repairing the defect or replacing the vehicle with a new SUV to the owner. This is part of the Lemon Law in California, that shows that consumers are protected when they buy a SUV that is considered a “lemon,” or has defects that makes the car unfit or unsafe to drive.

In this case, the Lemon Laws allow you to get recovery for buying a car that is unfit for the purpose of driving it on a daily basis. The Lemon Laws allow you to get recovery, because people who buy new cars expect them to be mistake, error or defect free. No one buys a car and spends their hard-earned money on a vehicle that is expected to have defects, flaws or critical systems that were installed wrong on the SUV. For this reason, the Lemon Laws can save you from having to take a SUV that is damaged or defective, even when it first leaves the manufacturer.

Why Don’t SUV Manufacturers Just Recall Defective SUVs from the Consumer Markets?

Well, to answer your question: the SUV manufacturers do recall defective SUVs from the consumer markets. There are product recalls of SUVs from consumer markets all the time. You have probably seen this information in the news, with a vehicle recall from a certain car manufacturer that will list certain SUVs for recall, or notices to go to the dealer to get a part fixed free of charge to you. But there are also SUV defects that can fall into the cracks, and not a lot of consumers have the same defect problems yet – but you do with your SUV. In this case, you are still covered under the California Lemon Laws. You do not have to wait until enough people complain about a defect, before you can recover under the Lemon Laws, you can make a claim right now.

Once you make a claim for a defect on your SUV, the manufacturer has a reasonable amount of time to try to repair the defect. This reasonable amount of time is around 30 days or one month. If the repairs need more time to order parts, the waiting timeframe still needs to be within the realm of “reasonable,” such as possibly a few more weeks, but not 6 more months. If the repairs cannot be made, then the manufacturer under the Lemon Laws needs to give you a new SUV as the same make and model year that you have that could not be reasonably repaired. That is the gist of the protections afforded to you under the Lemon Laws.

Typical SUV Defects That Can Turn a SUV Into a Lemon

There are many typical defects that can affect an SUV. These defects are critical to the operating of a safe vehicle, and can make your SUV a lemon if these car systems do not work properly. Your SUV can have defects that are typically related to:

  • Cooling systems
  • Clearing
  • Engine
  • Dampening
  • Lighting
  • Fuel systems
  • Transfer systems
  • Switches and fuses
  • Exhaust systems
  • Connecting elements
  • Sealing systems
  • Computer onboard systems
  • Control systems
  • Chassis and frame systems

If your SUV has experienced a defect in any of these car systems, you may want to give our law office a call right away. We are here to help you to get the reimbursement that you need to get your vehicle repaired or replaced, on account of these serious defects as noted on your SUV. You can call us to talk to a lawyer, and get advice on your next steps if you have a defective SUV.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We are able to offer you a zero-fee guarantee, when you give us a call today regarding your SUV as a lemon vehicle. You can call us to speak to a lawyer with experience in the fastest way to lemon your SUV.

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You can feel comfortable calling us today, to discuss the fastest way to lemon your SUV. You will gain access to our attorneys, who specialize in the California Lemon Laws. You need to be on the side of a lawyer with specialty in Lemon Laws as they apply to your lemon SUV. We are here to help you with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who can get you the recovery compensation you need in a case of a lemon SUV with defects from the manufacturer.

Can I Sue When My SUV Is a Lemon Vehicle?

Yes, we can sue if the manufacturer is not responsive to fixing your lemon SUV. You just need to call us and talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers. We can then help you with the next steps, when you have a lemon SUV, and we can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Just put in a call to our case attorneys in Los Angeles today.

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