FCA ZF 9HP (9-speed transmission) 2017-2021 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM

Who Is the Manufacturer of the FCA ZF 9HP?

The ZF 9HP48 (9-speed transmission) on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles for the years 2017 to 2021 have had noted defects from the manufacturer of these vehicles. This transmission is made by ZF Friedrichshafen AG company, and manufactured in Gray Court, South Carolina. The ZF 9HP48 transmission is used for front-wheel and all-wheel drive types of vehicles.

To understand the ZF transmission, we will need to put on our mechanic’s hat for a few minutes.

ZF Automatic Transmission Defects Can Cause Safety Issues

The ZF automatic transmission is meant to offer the driver a lowered first gear, when it is necessary to have high acceleration from a stopped position. The ZF transmission is meant to work hard during off road use, and tow trailers with a widened gear ratio notation. This shows that there are plenty of gears for the ZF 9-speed transmission to offer fuel economy for the money, but the problems will increase as well.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a 9HP48 Transmission?

The 9HP48 transmission is used by many car manufacturers, such as in the Jeep Cherokee and Honda CRV vehicles. This transmission uses a drive axle and a gearbox as one system, and is essential in front-wheel-drive crossover utility vehicles which have a transversely mounted engine.

The car manufacturers using this type of transmission have to create the software that will allow these transmissions to perform seamlessly. Because different manufacturers adapt the 9HP48 transmission to their vehicles, there is a wide variance of how the transmission actually does work. In this case, it leaves room for defects, which can occur at any time in a vehicle that uses this type of transmission.

What Are the Common Defects from the FCA ZF 9HP Transmission?

There are many common defects that can be found in the FCA ZF 9HP transmission, including:

  • Car or truck lunging forward when downshifted
  • Automatic transmission not downshifting properly when accelerating on the gas
  • Vehicles suddenly shifting out of gear into neutral on the highway
  • Vehicles suddenly shifting up or down for no reason
  • Transmission refusing to automatically shift into 8th or 9th gear
  • Driver putting car into park, and car going into neutral instead, causing accidents from a rollaway vehicle

Defects that are noted with the FCA ZF 9HP include:

  • Rough, delayed or sudden gear shifting
  • Failure to shift
  • Grinding or loud noises during shifting
  • Harsh engagement of gears
  • Sudden or harsh acceleration and deceleration
  • Sudden loss of power
  • Premature transmission wear
  • Transmission failure

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Recent Victories

There are many cases where the big auto manufacturers have to “pay up” when they make a mistake. Here are some recent cases and victories for people who have had to manage their lives after a defect or mistake made by a large auto manufacturer’s error:

  • $1.6 billion class action settlement for Toyota vehicles
  • $2012 Hyundai and Kia $255 million settlement for affected cars for overstating fuel economy of U.S. consumer bought vehicles
  • $14.7 billion on Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles with VWs illegal defeat device

Auto manufacturers sometimes think that they are too big, and are outside of having to be completely responsible for their errors and omissions, when it comes to making quality cars and vehicles. But this is not the case, and big auto manufacturers are as responsible as anyone else in terms of liability for their mistakes. When you give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537, we are here to help you and will discuss your claim with you today. We can take your lawsuit to a successful conclusion, but you must initiate the call with us for that to happen.

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