Ford F-150 Transmission – 2017-2021 Model Years

Ford Manufacturer Vehicles Often Show Defective Parts and Transmissions

Ford F-150 vehicles are susceptible to design and manufacturing defects, some of which can cause serious accidents and are a threat to the safety of the drivers. The defective transmissions in the Ford F-150 trucks have been plagued by massive recalls of 1.5 million vehicles over time. In the past, Ford Motor Companies have advised owners of the Ford F-150 that the harsh and jerky shifting is to be considered a normal operation of the vehicles. But the jarring and clunking noises that are made by the engines in the Ford F-150 vehicles, is not to be considered normal at all, and is a disappointment for owners of a new truck when they hear these disparaging sounds.

How Does a Transmission Work in a Vehicle?

The transmission in a vehicle such as a Ford F-150 truck, is a major component part of the truck. The transmission can be one of many different types, such as: automatic or manual (stick shift). The transmission on a truck works by helping the car to go forward and backwards, and manages the gears that allow the car or truck to speed up, as well as slow down. Basically, the transmission is an important part of the truck engine, and it is absolutely necessary that it is kept in tip top condition, for the truck to run and to drive well on the roads.

The transmission works by managing gear shifting during the vehicle being driven on the roads. When you are at a stop light or a stop sign, the transmission will disconnect from the engine to allow the truck to idle safely when the wheels are not moving. The transmission is responsible for the smooth transition from driving to slowing down and stopping. These same movements are made over and over again, as a truck is driven down the roads.

A normally working transmission allows a truck to run smoothly, and to prevent too much wear and tear on the truck engine, as it drives at different speeds on the highway or in town. If there is a defect in the transmission, you can also expect that you are going to have serious safety concerns related to the vehicle. Some of these safety concerns may also directly affect the engine too, which can be catastrophic for safe driving of a Ford F-150 truck.

Common Defective Issues with the Ford F-150 Transmissions

The Ford F-150 transmission can be prone to many different defects and issues, including:

  • Unexpectedly going into neutral gear, while the truck is in motion
  • Harsh shifting
  • Jerking sensation
  • Hesitation in gear shifting when prompted
  • Prone to slipped gears when shifting gears

Certainly, the most disappointing experience buying a Ford F-150, is that it comes off of the showroom floor with flaws, defects and damage to the transmission. If this has been the case for you, then you need to give our law firm a call today. We are able to help you to safely, securely and successfully navigate the Lemon Laws, to get the recovery compensation that you need in this type of case.

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Recent Victories

When a Ford F-150 truck has transmission defects, the vehicle is covered under the Lemon Laws if it qualifies for recovery compensation according to those rules. In that case, the manufacturer will be responsible for any defects that the truck has, as the manufacturer needs to have a high level of quality control to avoid defective vehicles from leaving the assembly plant in the first instance.

The manufacturer of defective transmissions in a Ford F-150 truck may be responsible for accidents that are related to a truck having this defect related to the transmission and component parts. Ford as a manufacturer is responsible to reimburse people who are injured because of a defect in their Ford-150 trucks. This is true, as all manufacturers will also similarly be responsible for related defects to their vehicles that cause serious accidents.

Some recent victory settlements regarding car accidents include:

  • $1.8 million settlement for a NYC police officer injured in a truck accident
  • $1.75 million settlement for an NYC employee and spouse injured in a truck collision accident
  • $1.75 settlement for a man hit by a car on the Cross Island Expressway
  • $1.82 settlement for a medical resident hit by a car and sustaining serious neck injuries

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