Honda – Collision Mitigation Braking System, or CMBS

Honda Manufacturing Plants Operate 12 Plants to Produce their Vehicles

Honda Motor Company, Ltd is a Japanese public multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer based in Japan. Honda plants in the United States manufacture over 5 million vehicles each year, and make parts for:

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft engines
  • Power equipment
  • Powersport products
  • Acura vehicles
  • ATVs
  • Side-by-sides
  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • HondaJet Elite S

The Honda company automaker also exports cars, trucks, motorcycles, and parts overseas to many different markets. It is noted that four of the top 10 vehicles in America today are made by Honda. In 2021, according to Honda in America, Honda production totals included:

  • 856,000 cars and light trucks
  • 1,024,000 vehicle engines
  • 815,000 transmissions
  • 1,612,000 general purpose engines
  • 655,000 power equipment products
  • 38 aircraft engines
  • 37 aircraft

Honda also produces the collision mitigation braking system or CMBS that is used in their vehicles. When these systems have defects, the vehicles may be subject to the Lemon Laws of California. If you have a vehicle that has a faulty CMBS, you may be putting yourself and any passengers in your vehicle at risk for an accident, as a result of this type of defect affecting the drivability of your vehicle.

What Is the Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System or CMBS?

The Collision Mitigation Braking System or CMBS on a Honda works to help a driver brake the vehicle during normal driving conditions. The CMBS will automatically apply appropriate braking to help avoid hitting a car ahead of you in traffic on the roads. For example, when the driving speed is over 10 mph, the CMBS radar located behind the Honda logo in the front frill will sense the distance of the vehicle ahead of you on the roads. In the event that your car gets too close to a car in front of you, the CMBS will trigger a warning beep or tone, and will apply the automatic pressure on the brakes. When the brakes are activated, it makes the e-pretensioners tighten on the front seat belts as well, to cinch you in place in the car to prevent injury in the event of an accident. The CMBS also enables the brake lights at the back of the vehicle, to alert other drivers behind you that you have slowed down quickly or stopped. The CMBS will not activate if you are:

  • Traveling under 10 mph
  • If you quickly turn the steering wheel to avoid a collision
  • In a tilted vehicle because of pulling a heavy load
  • The tires are not correctly maintained or balanced
  • The suspension on the vehicle has been modified (example to add bigger tires)
  • Abnormal tire conditions are detected by the system
  • Driving in off-road or mountainous conditions with high hills
  • Driving the vehicle with the parking brake on
  • Driving in inclement weather
  • Driving with dirt blocking the front grille where the CMBS is located and blocked from sensing road conditions by the dirt on the sensor

What Can Happen to My Car with a Defective CMBS as the Common Defects?

Any time there is a defective safety component on a Honda, it can mean that the driver is driving the vehicle with a potential for having a higher risk of getting into an accident. Some of the issues with the Honda CMBS when it has a manufacturer’s defect, are that it can:

  • Slam on the brakes even when no obstacle is present, creating an increased risk of getting rear-ended by another vehicle
  • May unexpectedly activate while the car is running
  • System may lock on an inappropriate target and randomly apply the CMBS brakes, increasing the risk of a car crash
  • Warning tone goes off in non-emergency situations, braking the vehicle for no reason
  • System gets confused when traffic lines on road splits
  • Phantom steering issues with the car
  • Adaptive cruise control follows car in front if it changes lanes and slows down
  • System confused over a sudden natural dip or elevations in the road
  • System forces drivers to push the gas pedal to override the braking system with normal driving conditions
  • Car will suddenly jolt itself when in normal driving conditions

What Vehicles Are Susceptible to a Faulty CMBS Component?

If you have the following vehicles, they may have the defective CMBS, including:

  • 2022 Honda Accord
  • 2016–2022 Honda CR-V (EX, EL and Touring)
  • 2016–2022 Honda Pilot

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Recent victories are settlements of lawsuits that are based on car accidents that have settled for the injured parties. Any time that there is a defect in a major component of a vehicle, there is a high risk that there can be a car accident or crash, that might be a result of that defect affecting the safety of the driver’s ability to drive the vehicle safely.

Some recent victories in settlements includes:

  • $2.5 million settlement for a man hit by a vehicle out of control in a parking area
  • $2.5 settlement for a person suffering a degenerative disc herniation after being struck in an auto accident
  • $2.4 million settlement for rear-end accident resulting in a serious neck injury
  • $2.45 million settlement for a multi-car accident resulting in spinal injuries for one of the drivers

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