Honda: Earth Dreams 1.5L Direct-Injection Engine Defects

Honda Manufacturing Earth Dreams Technology Has Made their Vehicles Popular Worldwide

The Honda Earth Dreams technology has been a popular technology used in many vehicles around the world. But there have been issues with the 1.5 liter direct-injection engine, and defects have emerged on the 2018-2021 Civic and Accord CR-V model vehicles. Although new technology can have obvious pros and cons to how it is applied in a vehicle, all technology put into a car should be safe, trustworthy and free of any defects that would the safety of the drivers on the roads.

What Is Earth Dreams Technology?

The 2018 Honda Accord with Earth Dream Technology includes a direct-injection in-line 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter, dual overhead cam engine. This technology is utilized to create a balance of power and torque at a high level, as it lowers fuel consumption, emissions and raises overall engine efficiency. Other benefits of the Earth Dreams Technology include the following positive trends:

  • Reduced high-load exhaust manifolds with water-cooled technology
  • Load engine speed with high load range
  • Valve overlap limits reduced at low, medium and high engine speeds
  • Increases in responsiveness with turbocharger
  • Turbocharger increases fuel economy with low-load conditions
  • Reduction of friction for better efficiency at high torque conditions
  • Utilizes rapid combustion technologies to assist stable combustion and air flows
  • Allows compression ratios to raise for better ignition timing and higher thermal efficiency under all loads

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What Are the Common Problems and Defects with the Honda Earth Dreams Technology?

There are many common problems and defects that are enmeshed with the Earth Dreams Technology. Some of these issues include defects in:

  • Increased oil levels in the engine
  • Oil that has a strong gasoline smell coming from the engine
  • Catastrophic engine failures
  • Issues with the variable valve timing (VVT) and electronic control system (VTEC), when the engine switches between Otto and Atkinson cycles
  • Abnormal noises in the engine
  • Complete engine failure
  • Defective cylinder heads
  • Dilution of engine oil
  • Engine stalls when accelerating to overtake another car
  • Unknown warning lights can be illuminated for random reasons
  • Engine loses power when overtaking another car
  • Engine jerks and stops while highway driving
  • Fuel pump safety issues
  • Gasoline and oil fumes in the driver cabin
  • Gasoline can get mixed with engine oil
  • Engine jumps ahead while driving slowly to park in parking space
  • On upgrade hills engine can misfire and stall, to protect catalytic converter

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