How do I Lemon my Land Rover – Range Rover – Jaguar?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but your vehicle has been having the same issues over and over again. You’ve taken it in for repairs multiple times, but there’s no lasting solution to your problem. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ve purchased a lemon, which is incredibly disappointing when you’ve made such an expensive investment. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “What are my rights? Am I stuck with a car that doesn’t really work like it’s supposed to?”

The good news is, California’s lemon law protects consumers when they purchase a warranty-covered vehicle that’s compromised in its safety, usability, or value. You may have heard of the lemon law, but if you’re like most people, you’re unfamiliar with the legal process of how to file a lemon claim for a defective Land Rover, Range Rover, or Jaguar.

So, let’s go over the basic steps that you will need to take if you’re interested in seeking compensation from the manufacturer. However, please be aware that this is general information that will not address many of the issues that are specific to your case. For that, you will need to speak with a qualified lemon law attorney at our office. Please contact us to schedule a free case review.

Step 1: Take your Car in for Repairs.

Do this as soon as you notice a warranty-covered defect with your vehicle. Make sure to schedule all repair attempts with the dealership or an authorized repair center, since the manufacturer can’t be liable for an issue they didn’t know about. No matter what, don’t try to fix the problem yourself or take your car to a mechanic that’s not authorized by the manufacturer. These actions may void your warranty, which will take away the protections you would normally have under the state’s lemon law.

Step 2: Allow Several Repair Attempts.

The manufacturer must be given a reasonable number of attempts to rectify the issue with your car before you can ask for a refund or some other form of compensation. If the problem is extremely serious, meaning it’s likely to cause injury or death, the dealership has only two chances to fix the defect. Otherwise, you must allow at least 4 repair attempts before your vehicle can be classified as a lemon. However, if your car has spent 30 days or more in the repair shop for the same defect, you can pursue a lemon case regardless of the number of repair attempts.

Step 3: Gather Evidence to Support your Claim. 

Your ability to prevail in a Land Rover – Range Rover – Jaguar lemon case will depend on the strength of your evidence. Make sure to save any paperwork and documentation that can support your claim, such as invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and correspondence (physical and digital) between you and the dealership / manufacturer. Documentation can also refer to medical bills, towing service fees, rideshare confirmations, and other types of out of pocket expenses. In short, save everything that’s associated with your vehicle, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Step 4: Seek Legal Advice from an Experienced Lemon Attorney. 

Finally, you’re at the point where you are ready to proceed with a lemon complaint. However, this is where many consumers hit a wall, as the claims process is quite complicated. It’s not unusual to run into conflicting information while you’re researching the legal process, which only adds to your confusion. That’s why we’re here, with the legal advice and guidance you need to succeed in a compensation claim for a defective vehicle. Just give us a call to schedule a free consultation with a California lemon law attorney.

What will my Lemon Law Settlement Include?

If you can prove that you were sold a lemon Land Rover, Range Rover, or Jaguar, the manufacturer must offer you one of two options: 1) a replacement vehicle; or 2) a refund of the purchase price of your vehicle (plus collateral costs like sales tax and finance charges). They must also compensate you for out of pockets expenses, like towing fees, rental car services, and medical bills if your car’s defect led to an accident. There may be others damages you are eligible to receive, so please take some time to speak with a lemon lawsuit attorney at our office.

How long do I have to File a Lemon Lawsuit?

Under the California lemon law, you have 4 years to file a lawsuit if you were sold a defective vehicle with an active warranty. The real issue is, when does the clock start ticking on the 4-year time period? The statute of limitations on a lemon case can be challenging to figure out, as there is more than one way to proceed with a lemon complaint in California. The terms of your warranty can also dictate how long you have to sue the manufacturer. Figuring out the correct statute of limitations is extremely important, so please consult one of our attorneys to ensure that your claim is filed on time.

Average Case Value of a Lemon Claim in California

People often contact us to ask what the average case value is for a lemon lawsuit in California. The truth it, each case has its own set of factors that determine what a client is eligible to receive. Here at Guardian, we’ve settled cases for anywhere between $25,000 to over $150,000, though your own case value may be lower or higher. Keep in mind that settlement amounts are based on not just the price of your vehicle, but other expenses that you were forced to pay due to your car’s on-going issues. That’s why you should not try to determine your case value based on previous verdicts and settlements. Consulting an experienced lemon lawyer is the best way to figure out what you can receive from a lemon case.

Length of Time to Recover a Lemon Settlement

Understandably, “How long does it take to settle a lemon lawsuit?” is one of the most popular questions that we are asked by consumers that reach out to us. Frankly, there’s no way to predict how long the settlement process will take, as some cases are resolved in just 30 days, while others take over a year. It’s our goal to negotiate a settlement and recover your payment within 3 to 6 months, but unexpected complications can add weeks or months to the overall amount of time it will take to settle your claim.

Schedule a Free Second Opinion

Even if you have a pending lemon case with another law firm, we can help you with a second opinion on your rights and legal options. Some people seek out a second opinion due to their dissatisfaction with their current lawyer. Others simply want to verify what their attorney is telling them, just like they would go to another doctor to confirm a medical diagnosis. Our job is to provide you with legal advice and help you decide on the best course of action, but whether you choose to follow our recommendations is up to you. The second opinion is free, so there’s no risk in scheduling a time to meet with us.   

Speak to a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

No one should have to go through the stress and aggravation of dealing with a car that keeps breaking down from the same defect. Sadly, this happens far too often to consumers throughout California, and they quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the legal process.

Guardian Lemon Law Group is here to represent you in a lemon claim for a defective Land Rover, Range Rover, or Jaguar. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for lemon owners just like you, and we are more than ready for the challenge of fighting for your settlement.

By the way, there’s no need to worry about the cost of hiring an attorney, since you are not the one that pays our bills. We get paid by the manufacturer at the end of your case, separate from your settlement award. That means you receive every penny you are due, and in the meantime, you can hire us at no upfront cost Best of all, we offer a Zero fee guarantee, so you won’t be responsible for any legal fees in the event we don’t win your case.

If you’re ready to speak with a lemon lawyer in the Los Angeles area, contact us right away to schedule a free consultation.

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