How Do I Lemon My Porsche?

When you signed the purchase or lease contract for a Porsche, you had high expectations for the quality of the vehicle you were getting. However, those dreams have now turned into a nightmare, thanks to a substantial defect that’s affecting your car’s value, safety, or usability. Even though you’ve taken it back to the dealership multiple times, there’s no resolution in sight for the problems with your vehicle. With a sinking heart, you realize that you may have bought a lemon.

At this point, you are panicking at the thought of being stuck with a defective Porsche. What are my rights? Is it too late to return my car and get a refund from the manufacturer? Fortunately, consumers of warranty-backed goods are protected under California’s lemon law, or the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. However, there are certain steps you will need to take before you can file a Porsche lemon complaint. In this article, we will provide you with an outline of the lemon claim process. However, the actual process of filing a lemon lawsuit can be very complicated, so please reach out to us for a full explanation of your rights and legal options.

1: Take your Car in for Repairs as soon as you Discover a Problem.

Waiting too long to get your car fixed can be detrimental to your case, so take your car in for repairs as soon as possible. Under the terms of your warranty – as well as the state’s lemon law – all repair attempts must be scheduled with the dealership or a repair center that’s authorized by the manufacturer. That means you shouldn’t go to an unauthorized mechanic or make any repair attempts on your own. Doing so can invalidate your right to pursue a lemon claim against the manufacturer.

3: Allow the Dealership a “Reasonable” Number of Repair Attempts. 

Of course, there’s no way to figure out if your car is unfixable until there have been several attempts to resolve the defect. However, there is a set number of chances that manufacturers have before a car is classified as a lemon. As a general rule, you must allow at least 4 repair attempts prior to seeking compensation through a lemon claim. Now, if the problem is a major safety issue that’s likely to cause an accident, it must be fixed in no more than 2 attempts. But what if your car has spent multiple days in the shop each time you’ve taken it in? If the total number of days your car has been in for repairs exceeds 30, you can go ahead and file a claim to lemon your Porsche.

3. Save anything that can Serve as Evidence.

You should have paperwork that’s given to you each time your car is taken to the repair shop. Keep all your invoices, purchase orders, receipts, etc. in a safe place, along with your warranty and purchase/ lease agreement. You may also have correspondence from the manufacturer, like letters and emails, which you should download or save. Then, keep a record of receipts or paperwork related to out of pocket expenses that you’ve had to deal with as a result of your car’s defect. These include medical records if you suffered injuries from an accident due to the manufacturer’s inability to repair your vehicle.

4. Call an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney.   

Most people start the claims process, thinking, “How hard can it be to lemon a Porsche?” In actuality, the process is more difficult than most people imagine due to the complexities in the lemon law. For one thing, there are multiple types of claims that you can file, which depend on your personal circumstances. The average claimant is unable to determine the best course of action and finds themselves calling an attorney in the end. This is the best course of action, as the manufacturer has their own team of legal experts, who will do their best to deny you compensation. A lemon law attorney at our office can represent your rights and ensure that you receive the full value of your losses.

To initiate the legal process on a Porsche lemon claim, call us right away to schedule a free consultation.

What can I Recover from a Porsche Lemon Lawsuit?

Through a lemon complaint against Porsche, you can receive a variety of compensation for the losses you’ve sustained. First and foremost, you will be given the choice to accept a replacement vehicle or a full refund of what you paid for your car, plus incidental costs like dealer add-ons, sales, tax, and license / registration fees. Each of these options has terms and conditions that our lawyers can go over with you, so that you can make an informed decision.  

We also have to look at your out of pocket costs, which can be considerable depending on how many times your car broke down and how long you were unable to use your car. Perhaps your vehicle had a serious safety issue that led to you being injured in an accident. These are all compensable damages, but getting reimbursed from the manufacturer can be an uphill battle. If you’re interested in receiving the highest possible settlement from a Porsche lemon claim, contact our office to speak with a California lemon law lawyer.

Statute of Limitations to File a California Lemon Claim

Regardless of the strength of your case, your right to sue an auto manufacturer is limited to a certain time period. In California, consumers have 4 years to file a legal action if they determine that they were sold a lemon. Obviously, you will need to know when the statute of limitations begins, but the answer depends on various factors, including the terms of your warranty and the specific legal action you are taking.

It’s critical that you get this right, as you will most likely lose the right to sue for a lemon car if you exceed the 4-year statute of limitations. Please come and see us for a free case review. That way, we can verify the amount of time you have to pursue a lemon claim.

Average Case Value of a Porsche Lemon Settlement

In all honesty, each lemon owner experiences different losses when they are stuck with a defective car. The value of these losses determines how much your case is worth, which is why there is no such thing as an average settlement value. However, lemon claims against Porsche are generally high value cases due to the ticket price of Porsche vehicles, which are around $100,000 to $300,000. If you add on all the other forms of payment the consumer is entitled to, the value of a Porsche lemon case may be around $150,000 to $500,000 and above. Again, the value of your settlement from a lemon Porsche lawsuit is based on your personal circumstances. A lemon law expert at our office can go over the relevant issues in your case and determine what you can receive from a successful complaint.

How long will it take to Settle my Case?

The amount of time to settle a lemon case varies significantly from claimant to claimant. Some people end up with their payment in just 30 days, while others have complex issues that will take 3 to 6 months to work through. It’s possible that recovering a settlement can take over a year, especially if the claim involves personal injury compensation, meaning the car owner suffered a serious accident due to ongoing issues with their Porsche. While we can’t guarantee a set amount of time to resolve your case, you can count on us to fight tirelessly for every penny you deserve.

Do You offer Second Opinions?

Yes, the attorneys of Guardian Lemon Law Group offer free second opinions if you have questions or concerns about a pending lemon claim. We know how frustrating it is when there’s little to no action on your case, and your attorney is nowhere to be found every time you call. One of our lemon lawyers will sit down with you to go over what’s been done on your case so far. Then, they will offer advice on what can be done to redirect your case onto the right path. However, you are under no pressure to do anything beyond meeting with us. Best of all, your consultation is 100% free, so you have nothing to lose by calling us to schedule a second opinion.

Free Legal Service for California Lemon Owners  

You never expected to end up with a lemon when you finally signed the contract for a new vehicle. But here you are, weeks or months later, with a car that is struggling from a serious defect. It’s not fair, but luckily, there are laws in place to protect you. If you’re interested in learning about the lemon claims process or continuing an existing lemon case with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If you decide to hire one of attorneys, you won’t be charged for any of our expenses. The manufacturer is obligated to pay for your legal costs under California’s lemon law. On top of that, our Zero fee guarantee ensures that you will not be responsible for any legal fees in the event we don’t win your case. With that in mind, please take the chance of contacting us and learning about your rights and legal options.

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