How Long Does It Take to Settle and Close Out a Porsche Lemon Law Case?

How Long Does It take – Average Time to Settle – Get Paid – Close Out – a LEMON LAW CASE – Defective Car Case Against Porsche?

Your lemon car claim against Porsche may take upwards of 3-6 months to settle. Much will depend on your case, your added expenses, whether you are still without a vehicle, and other incidental losses that you need reimbursement for in this case. For example, if your lemon car has been in an accident and you incurred personal injuries, then you may have medical bills, extended medical treatments or physical therapies for the future, or other expenses that are also related to the accident in relation to your claim.

All expenses and incidental damages that are related to your lemon car claim need to come to the forefront right away, to settle out your Porsche lemon car claim at the end. If you forget or do not declare an expense before the final settlement, you may lose your right to be reimbursed for these expenses later, after the final settlement agreement is finalized.

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Porsche Car Manufacturer

The Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG or Porsche auto manufacturer makes Porsche cars for international buyers. Sometimes these cars can have flaws, defects and safety issues affiliated and associated with the cars. If you have purchased or leased a Porsche, you may have a defective vehicle on your hands. The list of Porsche vehicles includes:


  • 718 Boxster
  • 718 Cayman
  • 911
  • Cayenne
  • Cayenne Coupe
  • Macan
  • Panamera
  • Taycan

You can call us now to review your defective Porsche vehicle. We are here to help you, and will review your lemon car claim for free. Just give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 today.

Common Defects of Porsche Automobiles from the Manufacturer

Porsche cars are known to have many defects. These defects can be cosmetic or safety related to the driving performance of the vehicles. Common safety defects found in Porsche cars can include:

  • Welding issues on the front lower trailing arm that can crack and misalign the steering wheel
  • Problems with the pulse-control inverter
  • Software issues create a sudden shutdown of powertrain
  • Risk of crash with powertrain stopping during driving

Your own car problems with your Porsche may be similar to these defects, or can be completely different than the flaws that are depicted here. Either way, if you are experiencing defects with your new Porsche, you need to call our office immediately, to get on board with our legal team. Just call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now for free. We will review your lemon car claim, and walk you through the next steps to a successful recovery.

Porsche Cayman 718 Issues and Manufacturer’s Defects

  • Failure of the turbo system
  • Shaky downshifts
  • Faulty headlights that give out
  • Fuel level gauge is not accurate
  • Faulty lane change assistance
  • Rattling noises in the air conditioning compressor
  • Oil leaks in the engine and transmission
  • Smoke from cold engine startups
  • Leak from rear main seal
  • Smoke from exhaust
  • Air Oil Separator issues
  • Engine runs with low power
  • Ignition coil cracks
  • Spark plug tube seal problems

It is not going to be unusual for you to have some major issues with your Porsche Cayman. When that does happen, it may feel that you have no where to turn to for help. But you don’t have to look any further, all that you need to do is to call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We are here for you and will help you to win your claim for a lemon car against Porsche, to get the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case.

Recent Victories and Settlements from Porsche AG

The Porsche AG and Volkswagen AG companies have in 2022 been forced to resolve claims resulting from cheating on emissions and fuel economy data to consumers. The 500,000 Porsche owners in this country with affected cars will share in a class action settlement of nearly $80 million (with an average payout of $250 to around $1,100 for each damaged vehicle).

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Everything these days costs an arm and a leg, and nothing of value is ever given away for free. That is why it is so important that we offer to you a zero-fee guarantee. In this economic time, we understand that you don’t want to pay for something that you don’t have yet – your settlement for your lemon car claim with Porsche.

For that reason, we will give you a zero-fee guarantee, and you don’t have to pay us anything for it. Nothing will be expected in payment from you, until we win your case. This offer is on the table for you right now, and all that you need to do is to call us to get access to it. You can reach us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now.

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