How Long Does It Take to Settle and Close Out a VW – Audi Lemon Law Case?

How Long Does It take – Average Time to Settle – Get Paid – Close Out – a LEMON LAW CASE – Defective Car Case Against Volkswagen and Audi?

The average time to settle and get paid on a lemon law case is around 3-6 months. If you have additional expenses associated with the lemon car claim, you may take longer to amass your documentation. For example, if you have had to pay for expenses related to getting to and from work while your car was in the car dealership shop, then you can submit that information as well. If your car is still in the shop because they are waiting for a special part from the manufacturer, then it may take more time and you may have current fees that are still accruing even now.

There is no real average case for a lemon car, because each car situation may be slightly different in how it relates to your claim. You can feel comfortable to know that we are here for you whenever you need us, and we will stand by your side the entire time you are getting this case started and finished. All that you need to do is to call us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Help, I Am Ready for This Lemon Car Situation to Be Over, What Can I Do Now?”

We know how you feel and will listen carefully to your concerns regarding your lemon car claim. We are here to fix the issue for you, and ensure that the car dealership and auto manufacturers reimburse you the way that you are due. They need to take responsibility for their sub-par cars that they have been churning out, without ensuring the cars are free of defects and flaws.

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Our law firm is ready to assist you with your legal needs, in relation to a lemon car claim against Volkswagen or Audi car manufacturers. We can discuss your case with you for free, and are ready to get to the bottom of your lemon car defects once and for all. Just call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, to get the ball rolling to put you closer to your winning litigation date.

VW – Audi Manufacturers Can Have Many Models Plagued by Defects

If you have recently bought a Volkswagen or Audi vehicle, then you may know that these cars can be plagued with defects. In the case that the defects are related to the safety of driving the vehicles, it may be an issue for you to continue driving your car. If you have any questions regarding recalls, lemon car qualities or other issues related to Volkswagen or Audi vehicles, just call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Your lemon car may be listed below, including models:


  • Arteon
  • Atlas
  • Atlas Cross Spirit
  • Golf GTI
  • Golf R
  • ID.4
  • Jetta
  • Jetta GLI
  • Passat
  • Taos
  • Tiguan


  • A3
  • A4
  • A4 allroad
  • A5
  • A6
  • A6 allroad
  • A7
  • A8
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q4 e-tron
  • Q5
  • Q5 Sportback
  • Q6
  • Q7
  • Q8
  • RS 3
  • RS5
  • RS 7
  • RS Q8
  • RS e-tron GT
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5
  • S6
  • SQ5
  • SQ7
  • SQ
  • TT
  • TT RS
  • TTS
  • e-tron GT
  • e-tron S
  • e-tron S Sportback
  • e-tron Sportback

As you can see, any model car can have a defect or be a lemon car. Don’t think that you have to “go it alone.” We are here to assist you, and answer all of your legal questions related to lemon car claims. Just call us this afternoon at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now.

Common Defects of Volkswagen and Audi Lemon Cars

Volkswagen – (Arteon, Atlas, Atlas Cross Spirit, Golf GTI, Golf R, ID.4, Jetta, Jetta GLI, Passat, Taos, Tiguan)

Volkswagens can have issues with ignitions, and:

  • Shifting problems in the automatic transmissions
  • Failing power windows
  • Ignition coils and wires
  • Failing spark plugs
  • Reverse gear failures
  • Wiring harness issues
  • Shifting problems
  • Coolant and oil leaks
  • Loss of power from carbon build up in intake manifold

If your Volkswagen or Audi has had defects that affect the safety of driving the vehicle, then you will want to call us right away. We are here to discuss your case with you, and help you to get to the winner’s circle on your lemon car claim. Just call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Recent Victories

The Porsche Audi emission scandal was settled in 2015 for $14.7 billion. This was the case where the Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi cars used cheating devices to declare the cars had a clean emissions test, when it was in reality not the case. The software implanted in these vehicles were put in to defraud the emissions testers at the car dealerships, and shut down the full controls during testing. This allowed the three vehicles listed to manage a lower rating for the nitrogen oxides that they currently emitted, which were in some cases over 40 times the national standards.

Studies show that NOx or nitrogen oxide pollution can get into groundwater, because the fine particulate matter is distributed into the air and environment from the exhaust of affected cars. It is also bad for the human lungs to breathe in NOx, as it contributes to asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Now that the Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi manufacturers are found out for their emissions cheating scandal, they have been forced to pay damages to consumers with affected vehicles.

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You are automatically eligible for a zero-fee guarantee when you call today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. It is easy to make the call, and you can contact us when your car is still in the shop at the car dealership as well. Just give us a call today, regarding your lemon car claim.

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