Is My Nissan Car A Lemon If the Seat Belt Does Not Work?

The seat belt on a vehicle may seem like a small component in a car. But seat belts are a major safety feature in a vehicle, and they help the driver and passengers to stay safe during a car crash or serious accident. The parts of a seat belt include many small components, such as:

  • Webbing
  • Retractors
  • Buckles
  • Pillar loops

In general, the seat belt works in tandem with the other sensors in the vehicle. The overall seat belt system in your vehicle is smart as a whip, quite literally! Seat belts listen to sensors in the vehicle that alert the system that you are decelerating or stopping suddenly from a normal rate of speed. This is the exact situation you would experience in a car crash. You would be traveling at 60 miles per hour on a freeway, or even cruising at 30 mph through town, and the seat belts are right there with you waiting for a sign to go into action. Once the seat belts are told by vehicle sensors that you are slowing down quickly, they will cinch themselves closer to you. This action is a life-saver, and can prevent you from moving around during a crash where you would be getting injured in the front or back seats of the car.

If you have a Nissan car that has non-functioning seat belts, then you are not able to stay safe in the vehicle while you are driving it. If you can imagine being in a car without a seat belt at all, say an old-style antique car, then you can know what it would be like to drive with seat belts that don’t work properly. You could be thrown through the windshield of the car during a crash, if your seat belts are malfunctioning in your vehicle. For this reason, your Nissan with defective and broken seat belts is a lemon car, and not safe for you to continue to drive.

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Manufacturers May Shirk Responsibility, But Are You Committed to Fixing Your Lemon Vehicle?

The better question to ask is whether the car dealership and auto manufacture are “committed” to fixing your manufacturer’s defect on your vehicle. If your car has a manufacturer’s defect and is considered a lemon vehicle, then the car dealership shop needs to be serious about fixing this situation for you. You are not in the position to fix a manufacturer’s defect on your new or leased new car. Even if you are a mechanic, the new car you bought was meant to be bought new and not chock full of manufacturer’s defects.

Your new car dream is going to be shattered, if the new car you just bought has manufacturer’s defects in it. Any time you have manufacturer’s defects in a vehicle, it will make the car a lemon car. Sometimes these defects are so serious, that they can make driving the car a dangerous proposition for you. For example, if the seatbelts are defective on your new car, then they may not cinch you properly during a car crash. In that case, you could fly right through the windshield in a head-on or rear collision, just because your seatbelts don’t work. That means that you could be killed by your seatbelts, if there is an identified manufacturer’s defect on that component of your vehicle.

Common Defects on 2019 Nissan Titan Vehicles with LED Headlamps

A common defect on the 2019 Nissan Titan equipped with LED headlamps is that the vehicles are noted having improper aiming marks for the shop, which can lead to accidents. When the repair shop looks at the aiming markings for these headlights, the incorrect headings are outside of compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, that makes the mechanic aim the lights wrongly in the end. This can create a high level of risk for a car crash, and produce the wrong type of road lighting for the vehicle that can cause a car accident for the driver of the Nissan or for other drivers on the road. If your car has this defect, you need to call our law office immediately, to discuss initiating litigation on the merits of your case.

Recent Victories for Subaru Owners of Lemon Vehicles with Defective Car Batteries

Subaru had a class action settlement regarding issues and a manufacturer’s defect for car batteries that drain prematurely in the Outback, Forester, WRX and Ascent cars. The problem is noted because the batteries become drained when the car is turned off, which will strand many drivers as their batteries drain down often in remote locations. Apparently, Subaru had been notified of the defect, but they did nothing about it.

Subaru has since then added an extended warranty that covers the expense of replacing the battery for five years and 60,000, for a free battery replacement, and 50% off replacing a battery outside of this extended warranty timeframe. It will also replace 80% of the cost for seven years or 84,000 miles, or 60% defrayed costs for eight years and a mileage of 100,000.

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