Is My Nissan Car A Lemon If the Stereo Is Not Working?

A non-working stereo in a vehicle may not seem like a big whip, but it is. The stereo in a vehicle these days does a lot more than just crank out your favorite AM or FM radio system. If you use a Bluetooth headset and enjoy the safety of hands-free driving, well, you will need your stereo to be working in the car for that to work properly.

Often in newer vehicles, the stereo is part of a larger infotainment system, and if the stereo is malfunctioning then other systems may also be connected and lose their connectivity at the same time. Therefore, you need your stereo in your Nissan car to work, and if it does not, then you have a lemon car.

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Manufacturers with Defective Stereo Systems Can Cause Accidents from Related Component Failures

If the stereo for your Nissan does not work, then it may mean that other infotainment systems are also going to be on the blink. Your stereo system houses connections to your hands-free Bluetooth, as the Bluetooth “pairs” with the stereo and speakers to allow you to make calls and receive alerts while driving on the roadways. Your stereo may also be connected to other essential software systems in the vehicle, therefore if the stereo does not work, then other systems may be at risk for failure or defects as well.

Am I Ready to Hire Legal Representation for My Lemon Car Claim?

You should be able to answer this question quickly, and the answer should be a firm and resounding “Yes”! If you answer in the affirmative, then you are actually ready to hire a law firm to help you with your lemon car claim. Here are some ways that you will know that you need to hire a law firm today to help you with your lemon car issues. If you have tried to talk to and work with the car dealership, and you are getting the runaround, then you need to hire an attorney to get the help you need on your lemon car claim.

If your calls to the auto manufacturer fall on deaf ears, then you need to call us to get the help you need on your lemon car claim. If you are at your wits end to know what to do next, then you need to call our legal team for help with your lemon car issues. Finally, if you need go get back to your normal schedule and life, and this lemon car issue is keeping you from doing that, then you need to call our law office to get the help you need on your lemon car claim.

  • Common Defects on Nissan 2021 Versa and Kicks Lemon Cars

Nissan has experienced problems with a defective power steering assist component on the Versa and Kicks vehicles during the production year of 2021. When there is a loss of power steering, the car will not be able to be steered properly, and it is highly likely to cause a car accident. Any time that there is an issue with a car’s power steering, it is going to be a recipe for disaster. If you have experienced difficult steering, with a steering wheel that has no power component, you may have felt that the steering wheel:

  • Locks up on you
  • Hangs itself up
  • Has no power assist
  • Won’t turn unless the car is moving
  • Turns too hard
  • Hurts your shoulders to turn the wheel
  • Shuts down
  • Locks up on you
  • Refuses to turn properly

When this occurs, you will have a limited use of the radius of the tires, and in other words, you will have a hard time safely turning the vehicle in any direction. You can’t drive a car that only goes straight forward, you need the car to be able to handle turning maneuvers safely, to allow you to turn properly. If your car cannot turn, then you are going to be unable to steer the wheel to avoid an accident, or stop being hit by an oncoming car, or even park properly in a parking space.

Recent Recall Victories for Nissan Titan and Frontier Pickup Trucks

Nissan recalled over 200,000 Titan and Frontier pickup trucks, because of a manufacturer’s defect related to the trucks rolling away down the street, even while they are in the parked gear position. This recall affects Nissan Titan and Frontier trucks, as well as some Infiniti vehicles from 2020-2023 model years, and any trucks that have a 9-speed transmission.

The manufacturer’s defect will make the cars unsafe to park and to drive, and will not allow the gear brake to fully engage to keep the car in a safe parking mode. There are no current litigations regarding this specific recall, because there were no direct injuries related to this manufacturer’s defect. But going forward, it will show the auto manufacturers that they need to be more responsible for their cars and the production of components and safety issues in their vehicles.

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