My Time Off Work on a Lemon Case

Do I Have a Defective Car Case If I Had to Take My New Car to Get Fixed?

Defective cars are a big disappointment for the new car owner just buying a car. If you are seeking to take time off of work, you need to ask your employer for the time off. You may be on a schedule, and just deciding on your own to take time off to get your lemon car fixed may result in coverage issues in the workplace.

Paid Time Off or PTO Is Not Mandatory in California

An employer does not have to offer to you the opportunity for paid time off or PTO. Most employers will offer the workers some discretionary days, that they can use for personal time off to do whatever they see fit to do on their day off. If your employer does not offer to you PTO, then you can request time off that is unpaid. An employer will usually allow you to take unpaid days off when you need to do that, but they do not have to do it.

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) States Rules for Mandatory Time Off

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA rules show that an employer can give an employee up to 12 weeks a year of unpaid time. During that time off, the FMLA allows you to:

  • Enjoy time with a newborn baby
  • Manage family military service status
  • Care for relatives who are sick or injured
  • Recover from a surgical procedure, health condition or illness

Dealing with your lemon car can become a stressful endeavor. It might be the case that your lemon car situation is stressing you out to the point where you may need time off of work to manage it. If this is the case, you can either use sick days or ask for unpaid time off of work. But whether your employer approves the time off will depend on the other staff available to cover you being absent, and how busy it is on the job when you want to take days off for yourself.

Am I Entitled to Lost Income and Lost Time Off Work If My Car Is Defective?

This situation as to whether you are entitled to lost income from lost time off of work for your defective car will depend on many factors. There are too many factors to list here, but it may matter if you have a:

  • Preexisting mental health condition
  • Suffering burnout condition already
  • Condition where you are over stressed over the lemon car situation
  • Triggered into a stressful state based on the lemon car situation

If you have any questions as to whether you have a claim for lost wages from time off work to manage a lemon car claim, just call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Can I Get Lost Income Time Off Work on a Lemon Case for a Defective Car?

Whether you can get the lost time off of work back in a check from your employer, is a tenuous situation at best. You will need to make a claim for the stressor and mental anguish of having to deal with and manage your lemon car situation, and scheduling of repairs. It may be a difficult road to go down alone, and we don’t suggest it. In the event that you do feel you need to get reimbursed for the time you took off to handle and deal with your lemon case, you definitely want to call our legal team at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right away.

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If you have had to take time off from your job to handle your lemon claim on your car, we can help you to recover the full compensation you require in this case. We deal with all large and small auto manufacturers, any time there is a lemon car defect claim. Just call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 for more information on how to get to the winner’s circle fast on your lemon car case.

Common Defects for Lemon Cars That Can Stress Out the Car Owners

There are many instances of common defects for lemon cars. All of these defects have the potential to stress out the car owners, especially when there are defects related to:

  • Engine block defects
  • Engine oil leaks
  • Broken belts
  • Drum and rotor defects
  • Brake system failures
  • Camshaft defects
  • Broken springs and suspension
  • Broken brake pedals
  • Transmission defects
  • Abnormal cracked housing in engine
  • Abnormal vibrations
  • Excessive exhaust discharge
  • Damaged ball joint seals
  • Radiator leaks and defects

We understand that any manufacturer’s defect on your vehicle is enough to produce lasting stressors for you in your life. That is why we are here for you, and will help you to initiate a lawsuit on the merits of your claim for a lemon car. Just call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 tofind out your next steps to victory.

Recent Victories for Lemon Law Claims

These days auto manufacturers can no longer refuse to take responsibility for their lemon cars. In 2018 there were over 220 customer complaints and poor reviews of Hyundai and Kia vehicle engine fire hazards. The fires were found in certain Hyundai and Kia cars, and the vehicles started to burn with fires even when there had not been an accident associated with the blazes. Any person driving one of these models was at a grave risk of being in an engine fire, just from operating the vehicle models under review.

The affected vehicles included Hyundai SUVs and cars, as well as Kia cars and hybrid vehicles. The engine fire defect was found in gasoline direct injection or GDI engines, as well as multipoint fuel injection or MPI engines. The problem being was that there was an early wearing of the connecting rod bearings, which were defective and damaged the vehicles to the point of a dangerous oil leak and engine block failure – leading to an engine fire.

This claim and class action will be open and ongoing until the lawsuits are resolved. But it is an example of car manufacturers who are forced to take full responsibility for the defective engines that they produce. People will continue to be injured, seriously hurt or killed, and the public and consumers buying these vehicles should be able to get full settlement recoveries for their injuries and damages related to a defective engine and associated component system defects.

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