Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEB) Defect

Nissan Motor Company Cars Have Dangerous Defects from the Factory

Some Nissan company cars have a dangerous defect, even when they first come off the manufacturer’s assembly line. Overall, Nissan vehicles are manufactured by the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd or Nissan for short. Nissan’s parent company is based in Japan, but it does manufacturer its vehicles here in the United States.

Nissan manufacturing plants are located in the region of Smyrna, Tennessee and in Canton, Mississippi. Nissan manufacturers are popular cars in the United States, and the manufacturer also exports their cars to other countries such as Canada, New Zealand and in Asia. Even though these are popular cars and they are seen frequently on the roads, that does not account for the higher level of defects that come from the manufacturer on Nissan vehicles.

Defective Nissan AEB Systems Can Be Dangerous and Cause Personal Injuries

If you have a Nissan vehicle that has an Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system defect, then you need to give us a call immediately. We are able to help you recover your losses and personal damages, from an accident associated with this defect. We are here for you and can address the Lemon Laws associated with a defective Nissan because of the defects related to the AEB system.

What Is Wrong with the Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking System?

The Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking System or AEB, is a safety system in the Nissan cars that is meant to offer detection for the driver to avoid a collision with another vehicle while driving on the road. If you are driving your Nissan on the road, and you get too close to another car, the AEB system will detect that there is another obstacle or car too close to you. In that case, the driver will be taken out of the equation, and the car will actually apply the brakes.

How Does AEB Stop a Crash?

The AEB uses scanners and technology to prevent a car accident. The system will help with low speeds, high speeds, and with pedestrians to avoid running into a person crossing the street. The car sensors will stop the car from making contact with the obstacles that it does sense on the roads. With this technology, the system is there to back up the driver, and is not meant that the driver does not have to pay attention to what is happening on the roads. The car will give the driver a warning that it is approaching an obstacle, and if the driver does not engage the brakes, the car will brake the car for the driver.

Why Is It Dangerous If the AEB System on a Nissan Is Defective?

In the event that the AEB system on a Nissan is defective, then the driver has no ability to utilize the AEB system while driving the vehicle, to help prevent a crash or accident. The AEB system has been shown to help prevent accidents. Therefore, if it is defective on a Nissan right off the bat as a new car, then the driver is being cheated out of being able to use a highly safe system while driving the vehicle on the roads.

Common Factors and Issues with a Defective Nissan AEB System

There are many common issues that occur with a defective Nissan AEB system. This is because there are many different factors that will influence the working components of the Nissan AEB system. These factors include issue with:

  • Braking delay problems
  • AEB system errors
  • Maximum deceleration problems
  • Vehicle speed issues
  • Road adhesion coefficient

If you have experienced these or any other defects with a Nissan vehicle, you need to talk to us immediately. You can give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537 today.

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Recent Victories

Car manufacturers that allow defects to slip out on their vehicles are responsible for the accidents that are caused by those and other vehicles with similar problems. Gone are the days when a car or truck manufacturer is not considered to be liable for the damages and personal injuries caused by their manufacturer’s defects.

Some recent victories include settlements such as:

  • 2018 – $5.1 million settlement for a wrongful death related to a car accident in Michigan.
  • $14.3 million settlement for a traumatic brain injury and loss of consortium for a car accident.
  • 2015 – $7 million for the wrongful death of a child hit by a driver in a car accident.

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