TESLA X Rear Driver Door Malfunction

TESLA X Side Door Malfunction, Does This Make the Car a Lemon?

Any time that you experience a Tesla Model X side door that won’t open, it may be a malfunction that is related to a lemon defect. The Tesla X door should open in the rear, if the touchscreen, door pillar, program the “enable closing all doors with key fob” feature, or the top of the key fob is touched three times in the middle to close the rear doors of this vehicle.

Suggestions for How to Open the Tesla X Rear Door

The Tesla Model X rear doors open up and curve into the vehicle. This is an innovative way for the doors to open, which open up onto the roof area of the car. If you are in a tight parking spot, this door more than comes in handy, as it does not need to open out onto another vehicle nearby. The doors are completely automatic, and can be opened from using:

  • The touchscreen on the dashboard of the vehicle
  • The phone key fob
  • The interior handle on the door
  • The exterior handle of the door
  • Press the brake pedal to close the driver door
  • Press the inside door jamb area
  • Press the key fob on the corresponding side as the rear door
  • Outside press the rear door handle to open the door
  • Sensor in the doors adjust depending on objects or cars in the surrounding areas

The Tesla X doors close automatically with a “soft close,” which will close itself softly once pushed in the general direction to close. It is always the driver’s responsibility to ensure that there is nothing in the way of the automatic doors closing, to ensure people are safe around the vehicle.

The idea of being able to enter the Tesla Model X car with both hands full and not needing to touch the door seems highly appealing. The falcon wing doors that can open on their own seem to be a perk of owning a truly futuristic car, that is until it is a defective feature of your Tesla Model X vehicle.

Tesla X Rear Driver Door Malfunctions Can Be Hazardous on the Roads

While a Tesla X driver is driving down the roads, the Tesla rear door defects can seriously affect the drivability of the vehicle. If the rear door hatch latches at inopportune times, is unable to open properly when engaged, or does not properly release on the cable, it can be difficult to feel safe in the vehicle. Tesla X doors can have an issue with the microswitch wiring harness, or other components of the door latch. If this is the case in an accident, it may prevent a passenger from exiting the vehicle safely in an actual emergency.

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What Are the Common Defects for Tesla Cars?

Unfortunately, there are many different common defects that are found on Tesla motor cars. These defects can be related to safety and the overall drivability of the vehicle, which include:

  • Defective placement of speedometer in the touchscreen
  • Steering wheel lockups when normal driving conditions
  • Electric car emergency door handle flaw in placement on door
  • Battery draining defects
  • Cars accelerate without warning defect
  • Continual rattling in the car cabin from multiple design defects and flaws

In the case that you have experienced any of these design flaws or defects, you can give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537. We can review your case with you, and go over your options to recovering the compensation you deserve for your Tesla lemon car claim.

Recent Victories

There are many current cases in courts being litigated now, regarding Tesla defects and failures related to driving these vehicles. One defect that is gaining attention is from the Autopilot driver assist system in Tesla vehicles. This autopilot system is known to have sudden accelerations, deceleration and problems braking, all related to flaws in the Tesla vehicle onboard systems.

There are hundreds of thousands of Tesla consumers who have already reported this issue, or who have been directly harmed by this system. If you have experienced a problem with your Tesla, you can call us now at the Guardian Lemon Law firm at 888.341.8537.

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