What If the Dealer Isn’t Accepting My Lemon Law Case?

There may be many reasons why your car dealer is not in the mood to accept your lemon law case. We know that there are many reasons as there are car dealerships, but that is not the main issue. If you have a lemon car that is covered under the lemon laws, then the car dealer has to take back your car, period the end. Of course, the car dealer will not be happy about this fact. We can review some of these issues to show you why the car dealers have to comply with you returning your lemon car back to them, when you have a lemon law case.

Car Dealers Like to Sell Cars, Not Take Them Back!

Not that you have to walk a mile in the shoes of the car dealership, but you can probably understand how the car dealer feels right about now. Let’s say the car manufacturer has a car with a latent defect, unknown to the car dealership. Well, we are going to interrupt ourselves right here, before we even get onto the point of this discussion. If the car manufacturer is in the business of making cars, then that manufacturer is supposed to quality test their vehicles, and should know of any defects. The auto and car manufacturers are fully responsible for every car that they make. It is their responsibility, fault, duty, whatever you want to call it, or however you want to look at it – they are supposed to know the quality of the cars the sell!

Now, starting from the top, a car manufacturer sends a faulty and defective car to a car dealership. To be fair, the car dealership may now know of the fact that the car is defective, and that it is a lemon car. The car dealership has the defective car on the lot and sells it to the customer. The customer also does not know that the car has a defective issue with the vehicle.

After a Few Months a Car’s Defects Will Start to Come Out

After the consumer has had the car for a few months, the car’s defects may start to come out. These can be safety defects, structural defects, you can name it, a car can have even more than one defect at a time, in fact. When the consumer realizes the defects, calls the car dealership and wants to get the car fixed or returned for a new car, the car dealership will not want to take it back. But the car dealership MUST take this car back. It is only fair, and the car is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranties, meaning it is covered and needs to be fixed or replaced. Again, this should be the end of the story.

The Car Dealership May Owe You All Your Money Back on Your Defective Lemon Car

The car dealership may owe you back all of the money that you have paid out for the lemon car that they sold to you. The car dealership can get away with taking some money out of that pot though, for:

  1. Mileage you put on the car before you noticed it was a lemon
  2. After-market improvements you made to the car

But the car dealership will have to pay you back for:

  • Incidentals related to the lemon car
  • Costs of rental cars while the car was being repaired
  • Towing fees you incurred with driving your lemon car that stalled out or stopped on the roads
  • Repair expenses to repair the lemon car
  • Registration fees for your town or city for your new car
  • Taxes assessed by your town or city on your new car

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Common Defects of a Lemon Vehicle That Affect the Safe Drivability of the Vehicle

There are many common defects of a lemon vehicle that can make the car unsafe on the roads. Unfortunately, these are often defects that come from the manufacturer, and the car being able to drive safely is off the table, when these defects are hidden in a car sold to consumers.

Recent Victories for Dealerships Accepting Lemon Law Cases

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