What Is the Average Value of My Nissan Lemon Law Case?

The value of your Nissan lemon law case is going to depend on several factors. Your value for your vehicle will be determined based on what you paid for it. Additional expenses may have been incurred by you for having to take the vehicle back and forth to the car dealership for repairs. You might have had to pay for alternate transportation or rented a rental car. You also might have had to pay for a tow, when your lemon car stalled on the highway. All of your added expenses will be put into your final settlement package request, when it comes to narrowing down your final compensation for a lemon car claim.

If Your Lemon Car Is in an Accident, Those Expenses, Damages and Losses Become Part of Your Claimed Final Settlement Amount

If your lemon car had an accident, you will be able to add those fees, damages, losses and expenses to your final lemon car claim package request as well. For example, if you have a car accident based on your lemon Nissan that stalled out while driving in traffic on the highway, your expenses related to the accident will be added to your total request for settlement. You can call us to discuss your extra expenses related to your car accident at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

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Our law firm is able to help you to recoup all of the damages, losses and expenses that are related to your Nissan lemon car claim. We can speak to you in many different languages, to explain your case to you, including in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Armenian, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, French, German, and Korean. Call us today to talk about your Nissan lemon car case right now.

Manufacturers of Lemon Cars Get a Rude Awakening When the Consumers Bring a Lawsuit for a Defective Vehicle

If you are ever wondering if Nissan is going to be surprised that a lawsuit is going to be initiated against them for a lemon car, we have the answer. The Nissan Motor Company may assume that they are a conglomerate and that they are too big to be sued, but they are wrong. When the car dealership ignores your Nissan lemon car claims, we are completely prepared to go against the Nissan auto manufacturer itself. That way, we can get you the money you deserve, and not have to deal with their shenanigans from their car dealerships ignoring your calls. Just call us now at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 to start the process, to getting a full recovery compensation package right now, based on your Nissan lemon car claim.

What Paperwork Is Completed by the Car Dealership When I Buy a New Car?

A new car is bought with a title for the purchase of the vehicle and a contract for the sale of the car. Specifically, the car dealership will be selling a new car to you or you’ll be leasing a new car, and you’ll actually be in most times buying it from the dealer. The car dealership has an exclusive agreement from the auto manufacturer in most cases, to sell their cars. The car dealership will keep many different types of cars from an auto manufacturer on their lots. That is why some car dealerships sell more than one type of make of car. For example, a dealership can sell Buicks, GMC, GM and Cadillac cars, because they have an agreement with the auto manufacturer to sell these cars on their lots. The car dealership will have paperwork for each car, that will include:

  • Vehicle model, make, color and VIN
  • Dealer as seller and your name, addresses and signatures
  • Itemized price of car including fees, taxes, dealer prep
  • Any financing details if the vehicle is being financed
  • Extended warranties
  • After market package purchases the dealership shop will later put on the car
  • Other information significant to the sale

When you sign these forms which are the car purchase agreement package, you have legally “bought” the vehicle. Whether you know that your new car is a lemon or not, you now own this vehicle. But in reality, the responsibility of the car dealership does not stop there. If you have purchased a lemon car and didn’t know it, then that car dealership will need to stand by you or stand behind their promise to take car of you, and they need to take that car back in to fix it if there are manufacturer’s defects on the vehicle.

Common Seat Belt Defects of Nissan 2022 Rogue Lemon Cars

Defects that affect the seat belts of a Nissan Rogue can be a deadly situation on the roadways. When a seatbelt does not work properly, it can cause and exacerbate a car accident for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. A seatbelt needs to cinch and keep the drivers and passengers in their seats safely during a crash. Let’s review how a seat belt keeps you safe in a car, to avoid being injured in a car accident.

First, a seatbelt uses a 3-point harness system with the lap and shoulder belt, that touches your body at the shoulder, lap and near each of your hips. This system uses a three-point system to help spread the force of stopping short in an accident over the area of your body on your hips and shoulders. This helps to reduce the force that will hurt you in an accident. If you were not strapped down by a seat belt, the risk of you flying out through the windshield or one of the side windows during a crash is very high.

Recent Victory for a Family Killed in a Lemon Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck with a Known Design Defect

Ford Motor Company has recently been told by a court in Georgia that they will need to pay out a $1.7 billion punitive damages award, for a married couple killed in an accident after a roof collapsed on a 2002 F-250 Super Duty truck. The truck had a defective part, and Ford may have known about this part being defective before the rollover crash killed the couple. When an auto manufacturer has design defects that are left unresolved, the auto manufacturer is still under a full responsibility for people injured or killed by the defect in accidents with those vehicles affected by the defect.

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