Can I Lemon My Car – If I Made Modifications to the (1) Engine (2) Exhaust (3) Suspension (4) Interior (5) Exterior?

Can I Lemon My Car - If I Made Modifications to the (1) Engine (2) Exhaust (3) Suspension (4) Interior (5) Exterior?

Yes, you can lemon your car if you made modifications to the engine, exhaust, suspension or exterior, and there are existing manufacturer’s defects on the car, SUV, Crossover or Truck. Your additions to the vehicle will need to be reviewed, to determine that the modifications were proper, and did not void the original manufacturer’s warranty. You will want to give us a call today, to talk about your claim, to determine whether there are issues with your claim after modifications are made to your vehicle.

Modifications to the Engine of My Vehicle

If there are engine modifications of a vehicle, it cannot cancel out any engine systems already on the car or truck. Any replacement engine needs to abide by any properly affixed components, suspension and brakes, as associated with the vehicle. Any non-standard fuel delivery components with added carburetors or fuel injections systems, need to be fitted to comply with standard emission requirements.

Modifications to the Exhaust of My Vehicle

If you modify the exhaust of the vehicle, it will be necessary to determine if the exhaust system still complies with the vehicle noise requirements for a car or truck. If a silencing device or emission control device is added to the vehicle, then it should not negatively affect the steering, suspension, brake or fuel systems for the vehicle. In the case that anti-roll bars are added to a vehicle, it needs to be checked to ensure that this additional part is not being attached to a defective structural component in the vehicle. If the transverse strut braces are modified on a car, there can be no suspension strut defects, or this can cause a serious issue for safety on the vehicle. Any time that there is additional welding, chrome plating or axle work on a vehicle that already has manufacturer’s defects to the structure of the car or truck, it can be a recipe for disaster. The already weakened frame from a manufacturer’s defect can exacerbate the situation once the vehicle is modified.

Can I Lemon My Car - If I Made Modifications to the (1) Engine (2) Exhaust (3) Suspension (4) Interior (5) Exterior?

Modifications to the Suspension of My Vehicle

Any time that a suspension is changed on a vehicle, you need to look to ensure that there are no manufacturer’s defects on the hydraulic suspension systems or the suspension control devices. For example, if the suspension system in a vehicle is modified, then it will be critical to ensure that the sway bars and torsion rods are not defective. If the vehicle suspension or steering components that are modified are attached to a defective part, it will ensure that the vehicle structure will be weakened overall. This can lead to a serious accident or crash, and that means the vehicle is less safe to drive on the roadways.

Modifications to the Interior of My Vehicle

Interior modifications of the vehicle can make it difficult to attach to a component, if there are also manufacturer’s defects on the vehicle. For example, if there are modifications to the seats in a car or truck and there are defective seat belts, this can be a recipe for disaster. A seat belt that is already defective and broken, will be difficult to attach a modified seat to, and can contribute greatly to a serious car accident as a result of the defective parts.

Modifications to the Exterior of My Vehicle

If the outside of the vehicle is modified, then it can affect the rusting of the car over a short amount of time. Any time that the car is rusting faster than normal, it is going to be a problem with the car or truck over the short amount of time. Rusting structures on a vehicle can severely weaken the car, and that can cause a serious accident for the driver and passengers.

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Manufacturer Defects on a Car That Was Modified

There can be a manufacturer’s defect on a modified car. This is because if a manufacturer’s defect already existed and the modification exacerbated that problem, then it will be a negative factor for the automobile.

Can I Lemon My Car - If I Made Modifications to the (1) Engine (2) Exhaust (3) Suspension (4) Interior (5) Exterior?

Common Defects for Modifications to the Engine, Exhaust, Suspension, Interior or Exterior

There are a multitude of various common defects when there are modifications for an engine, exhaust, suspension, interior or exterior. The modifications may magnify the defects, such as:

  • Delays in transmission when driving
  • Engine shaking
  • Engine vibration
  • Defective sunroof
  • Seat defects
  • Non-functional seat belts
  • Hazard lights defective
  • Headlights defective
  • Frame holes in body frame
  • Crumpling inside the trunk
  • Car alarm defective
  • Power windows won’t roll down
  • Gauges don’t work
  • High emissions from exhaust
  • Leaks into engine causing fires
  • Burnt rubber smell when engine running
  • Hissing sound of tires
  • Charred smell from engine
  • Damage to electrical components in vehicle
  • Coupling devices damaged
  • Broken torsion bar springs
  • Axle misaligned

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Recent Victories for Cars with Manufacturer’s Defects

Chevrolet has had to manage lawsuits based on the Corvette Z06 overheating, getting too hot and underperforming on the track during races. That car is known for going into a “limp mode,” where the car won’t keep or maintain the proper speeds as designated by the driver. The vehicles go to limp mode to prevent the engine form overheating under race track conditions. But since the car was meant to perform as a track car, Chevrolet manufacturers need to have warned the owners of the car that it is going to be prone to overheating on the track. Chevrolet will eventually pay these consumers for the damages they incur, related to overheating of the Corvette Z06.

Can I Lemon My Car - If I Made Modifications to the (1) Engine (2) Exhaust (3) Suspension (4) Interior (5) Exterior?

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