Sunroof – Panoramic Roof Defect

How Does the California Lemon Laws Apply to Problems, Leaks, Exploding Sunroof or a Sunroof that Stopped Working? The California Lemon Laws apply to a leaking panoramic roof defect on your car’s sunroof. A sunroof is a functional component of a car. Sunroofs can be a feature of the vehicle, to let light and air … Read more

Bluetooth Device Problems Can I Lemon My Car

Can I Return My Lemon Car, and Replace It with a Brand New Car If the Bluetooth Device Is Defective? Yes, you may be able to replace your lemon vehicle with a new car if the Bluetooth technology is defective in your new vehicle. The Bluetooth technology is available for use in a vehicle, to … Read more

Windshields & Windows – Defects – Lemon Lawyer

Windshields, windscreens and windows are key components of a car, truck, Crossover or SUV. These items help you to see how to drive the vehicle safely, and are an integral safety feature of any automobile. Whenever you have cracks or defects in the windshield or windows of a car, you are going to have problems … Read more

My Lemon Law Lawyer Is Not Getting Back to Me

“Help, My Calls and Emails Are Not Being Returned, What Can I Do?” You have done the right action to find a lemon lawyer, but you are now having second thoughts. It can happen that bad things happen to good people, when you make the right move to pick a lemon lawyer, but that individual … Read more