How Do I Know If My Car Is a Lemon?

The telltale signs that your car is a lemon, will be if your vehicle has defects on it as soon as you bring it home. You will experience that something is wrong or “feels off” with your new car. It is definitely not the new car experience that you were expecting, when spending your hard-earned … Read more

What Is the Average Value of My Lemon Law Case?

The average value of your lemon car case, will depend on the losses, damages and expenses that you incur when submitting a claim to us on your lemon vehicle. You may have been in an accident because of defective brakes on your lemon car, and you could have personal injuries related to that loss. You … Read more

How Long Does My Lemon Law Case Take?

It is obvious that when you buy a new car, that you are not expecting that it will be a lemon vehicle. Of course, you were expecting the car to be the automobile of your dreams. Now your hopes are dashed because you are stuck with a lemon car, SUV or truck. But you can … Read more