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Fleetwood RV Defective Motorhome Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer

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Our legal team can talk to you today, regarding a defective part or component, on your Fleetwood RV. When you bought your brand-new Fleetwood motorhome, the last thought in your mind was that it was defective in any way. Before you even make the first few payments, you may find out that the motorhome of your dreams is unsafe to drive, defective and has broken and hidden problem components. If this has happened to you, take heart, you can call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

Fleetwood RV Manufacturer

The Fleetwood RV manufacturer sells motorhomes as a part of the REV Group, Inc., which is a leader in the motorhome industry and specialty markets. It is known to build busses, emergency and recreation vehicles for all stages of life, making everything from wheelchair accessible vans, luxury motorhomes, ambulances and commercial busses. The company also sells under a company umbrella, with other brands such as:

  • American Coach
  • Monaco Coach
  • Holiday Rambler
  • Renegade RV
Fleetwood RV Defective Motorhome Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer

Common Defects on RVs with Safety Defects from the Factory

You might have already experienced defects on your Fleetwood motorhome. Some of the common defects that can be found on a new motorhome can include:

  • Defective parking brake
  • Cabinets and drawers that fly open by themselves
  • Door locks
  • Door jams
  • Door assemblies
  • Auxiliary battery
  • Generator
  • Cruise control
  • Wheel bearing
  • Stud bolts
  • Structural frame
  • Shock absorber
  • Air bag cylinder
  • Heating system
  • Steering assembly

If you have these defects on your Fleetwood motorhome, or have other safety related issues with your new RV, you can call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

RV Manufacturers Need to Contact the NHTSA to Advise of Defects and What They Are Doing to Make Their RVs Safe for the Consumers

The NHTSA requires the RV manufacturers to make a quarterly report on the defects on their RVs, to advise of the issues, complaints from consumers, and how the RV manufacturer plans to fix their defective RVs for the consumers who bought them. The NHTSA can require RV manufacturers to give Early Warning Reporting regarding RVs with defects from the manufacturers. The RV manufacturers may have to give information to authorities on their RV:

  • Product information
  • Death and injury incidents from consumers
  • Field reports
  • Consumer complaints
  • Warranty claims
  • Property damage claims

If there is a death or an injury related to a defect in an RV, the manufacturer needs to give the VIN for the vehicles that were in the loss, as well as a statement to any damages, injuries and loss of life regarding the incident.

Motorhome Drivers on a Road Trip May Not Do a Thorough Check of the RV, Missing Some Defects That Can Develop Along the Road

If you own a Fleetwood motorhome and are currently on a road trip, you may want to take heed. Sometimes it can take extreme conditions, before a safety defect will rear its head on a Fleetwood RV. You may have had to drive 1,500 miles, before finding out that there is a defective valve or hose, and that has made you have a propane leak right now. If you are currently on a road trip and have discovered a serious defect on your Fleetwood motorhome, it is appropriate for you to call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon RV Claim?

The statute of limitations for a lemon car claim is 4 years, depending on the facts of your lemon car case.

Fleetwood RV Defective Motorhome Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer

What Are the Fleetwood Lemon RV Settlement Values?

It is hard to guesstimate an average value of a Fleetwood lemon RV, but we can tell you that the losses, damages and expenses that you incur are added into your final settlement. That being said, you can expect your settlement to be upwards of $300,000 to $750,000, depending on your circumstances related to your lemon RV claim.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Fleetwood Lemon RV Claim?

If all of your paperwork is in order, it can take 3-5 months to settle out your Fleetwood RV lemon claim. This is why it is critical that you call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We can go over your case with you, and it will make it easier to give you more concrete answers regarding your specific settlement.

Is My Leased RV Eligible for a Fleetwood Lemon RV Claim?

Yes, your new leased Fleetwood RV is also eligible for a lemon claim. All that you need to do is to call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, and we will review your warranty information. We need to see your documentation related to the motorhome, and we are going to ask you about the current mileage on the odometer of the RV. Other than that, we can go over the information regarding California Lemon Laws with you, as they relate to your RV lemon claim.

Fleetwood RV Defective Motorhome Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer

Zero Fee Guarantee

We are here for you, and are always on your side when you have a Fleetwood RV lemon motorhome claim. You can get a free review of your case, with our zero-fee guarantee. All that you have to do to take advantage of this offer, is to call us now.

Contact Us / Free Case Evaluation for a Fleetwood Lemon RV Claim

If you have just bought or recently purchased a Fleetwood motorhome and now it has manufacturer’s defects, you can call us now. We will review your case for you with a free case evaluation. You will also get access to our legal team, and we can initiate a lawsuit based on the details of your claim. Just call us today to get the access that you need to a lawyer with experience in winning lemon law claims for a motorhome. Our team is at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, and we can talk to you 24/7, or whenever it is convenient for you to call us.

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