Ford F-350 – Check Engine Light Keeps Turning On – Defect

Ford F-350 - Check Engine Light Keeps Turning On - Defect lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident

What If the Car Dealership Cannot Find the Problem or Issue with my Ford F-350?

It can happen that the car dealership cannot find the problem or issue concerning your defective Ford F-350 truck. There is going to be an ongoing problem here with the car dealership not finding the problem on your truck. Car dealership repair shops are there to fix vehicles, either bought at the car dealership or bought elsewhere. The repair shops attached to a car dealership can also usually repair other vehicles too, for owners who live conveniently in the community. But when there is a lemon car, all bets are off. The car dealership repair shop does not get any extra money to diagnose, identify issues and repair a lemon vehicle. In general, the repair of the lemon vehicle is going to be free to you, but it will not be free to the auto repair shop. The shop will lose money on this deal, because the fixed maximum labor times set by the manufacturer of the vehicle may be lower than what the shop can charge another customer to repair a car or truck. For that reason, the shop will lose some money trying to find out what is wrong with your defective lemon truck. Sometimes, and this is not the usual but it has to be mentioned, the car dealership will give your truck back without giving it a proper “once over,” and just tell you that they could not replicate the problem. This is shirking off the problem, and in a way refusing to help you to repair your defective lemon truck at all. When this happens, you can call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, and we will review your claim with you to get a more successful conclusion. It is easy to make the first move, and give us a call today.

Ford F-350 - Check Engine Light Keeps Turning On - Defect lawyer attorney sue lawsuit attorney

A Ford F-350 Can Start to Shake Uncontrollably If It Has the “Ford Shakes”

Your Ford F-350 can have a Ford Shake issue, and can start to shake when it is driven fast over 65 mph. If your Ford F-350 starts to shake when going at normal highway speeds, then you are in for a dangerous trip every time you get into this vehicle. Cars that have engine issues and tire issues, as well as extreme shaking are not considered to be safe vehicles to drive around town. These types of truck malfunctioning are more indicative of a lemon car claim.

Your Ford F-350 may start shaking because of many different defective parts and components on the vehicle, such as:

  • Worn shock absorbers
  • Defective ball joints
  • Damaged and bent wheel frames
  • Transmission defects
  • Engine malfunctioning parts and components
  • Wheels not balanced on the vehicle
  • Worn suspension

You will want to take your Ford vehicle into a car dealership, to allow a qualified and certified mechanic to look over the vehicle and try to repair the check engine defects and Ford Shake issues.

Ford F350 Check Engine Light Keeps Turning On Defect lawyer attorney sue lawsuit lawyer attorney lemon

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Our legal team is here for you 24/7, when you are ready to call us regarding your lemon truck claim. We understand that you might have given up on the idea of receiving a recovery compensation package regarding your lemon truck claim. But that does not have to be the case. We have knowledgeable attorneys on our legal team, and we can review your lemon truck claim to get you the recovery compensation settlement that you deserve in this case. Just call us at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537, to talk to our legal team today.

Manufacturers of Autos Need to Get Better at Discovering Common Defects on the Assembly Room Stage

An auto manufacturer who puts out defective vehicles, is risking ruining the reputation of the car company based on the customer’s experience of having to buy defective cars, trucks, Crossovers and SUVs. Car manufacturers need to start the rally, to ensure that they are reviewing the cars that they distribute to car dealerships better, preventing defective vehicles to ever enter the car dealership stocks and showrooms. If the auto manufacturers do not step up their game, then the consumers of these vehicles will lose faith in their being able to make safe and reliable cars in the future.

Common Defects That a New Ford Truck Owner Can Find on a New Ford Vehicle

Besides the check engine light that keeps turning on, there can be other common defects that a new truck owner may find on a new Ford vehicle. These additional defects might include:

  • Drivetrain malfunctioning
  • Driverless transport systems
  • Exhaust pipes too loud from factory
  • Occupant safety systems stick or broken from factory
  • Power window switches broken from factory
  • Door assembly malfunctions
  • Seat assembly malfunctioning
  • Wheel assembly uneven and unbalanced
  • Bolts for wheels missing with risk of wheels coming off of vehicle
  • Exhaust shafts defective for higher than standard emissions
  • Disc brakes malfunctioning when engaged during a sudden stop
  • Under body carriage premature rusting
  • Mirrors cracked or defective

We understand that you may have questions related to other defects related to the check engine light that won’t stop turning on, inside of your Ford F-350. You can give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 today, and we can review your lemon truck claim for free with our legal team.

Attorney Provisions

You don’t have to make any attorney provisions for our legal team, before we will start to work with you on your lemon truck claim. Our fee will be taken out of your final settlement, and you do not have to pay us any money up front on your lemon truck claim.

Model Years Affected Are 2012 to 2022 Ford F-350 Trucks

The model years affected by a Ford F-350 check engine light can be from 2012-2022, but if you have the same or similar issue in a 2023 vehicle, you can give us a call as well.

How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon Truck Claim?

The statute of limitations for a lemon car claim is 4 years, depending on the facts of your lemon car case.

What Are the Lemon Truck Settlement Values?

The lemon truck settlement can range from $20,000 to $200,000. The total amount of your recovery compensation will depend on the exact nature of your losses, expenses and damages related to your lemon truck claim. We can go over your expense records related to this claim with you, to narrow down your options for a lawsuit, based on the merits of your claim.

Ford F-350 - Check Engine Light Keeps Turning On – Defect sue compensation recall return lawsuit

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Lemon Car Claim?

Your lemon truck claim will settle in most cases between 3-5 months, depending on the exact particulars of your claim.

Is My Leased Truck Eligible for a Lemon Car Claim?

Yes, your leased truck is eligible for a lemon car claim. All that you need to do is to call us to review your original manufacturer’s warranty, and we can take it from there. The California Lemon Laws also apply to a leased vehicle as well.

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