Nissan – Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect

Nissan - Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect lemon lawyer attorney lawsuit defective recall

What Is a Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect?

The mass airflow sensor or MAS in a vehicle helps to show the mass of air that is going into the car’s engine, and goes into the Engine Control Unit. The reason the air mass information is important, is that it has to be timed and balanced to give the right amount of fuel to the engine. In the case of a faulty MAS, there will be issues with the air intake to the engine as a result.

Symptoms of a Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect

If you have an issue with your Nissan mass airflow sensor that is defective, you may have a problem with the defect exhibiting and causing these symptoms in the vehicle:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Fault Code P0101
  • Lack of Power, Hesitation Upon Acceleration
  • Jerking, Shaking, Shuddering
  • Bent chassis and twisted frame
  • Grinding noises in transmission
  • Parking brake defects and noises when engaged
  • Steering wheel drifts to side when steering straight
  • Noisy rear axle making grinding sounds
  • Fuel odor noticed in cabin of vehicle
  • Difficulty Starting, Hard to start
  • Engine Stalling, Engine Shut Off, Engine Turns Off After Starting
  • Rough Idle, High or Low Idle
  • Bad MPG, Poor MPG, High Fuel Consumption

When the car engine won’t start quickly or stalls right after starting, the mass airflow sensor may be to blame. A faulty MAS will manifest itself with engine hiccups, and an engine that will seem as if it is dragging by on its last legs when it is idle. In general, faulty airflow sensors can stall out an engine, even and especially when you are running naturally down the highway at top speeds. This is a serious hazard, and it can cause an accident quite naturally. You don’t want to allow this situation with the engine to continue without being fixed, as it can prematurely wear out the engine and therefore will shorten the natural life of the vehicle.

Nissan - Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect lawyer attorney sue lawsuit attorney

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Auto Manufacturers Need to Be More Attentive to the Defective Cars They Deliver to the Car Dealerships

It is a shame and a travesty that car manufacturers are not more attentive to the cars that they create, and that defective vehicles are still going off of the assembly lines even as we speak. In the future, if you have a lemon vehicle, you do not have to wait until it “gets better,” because a lemon car issue will never fix itself. You can call us as soon as you think you have a lemon car claim, and we can help you to get the full recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of claim.

Common Defects to Lemon Car Owners of Every Car Make and Model

There are many different types of defects that are common to every make and model of lemon car. These defects include issues with:

  • Creaking noises in the car when turning corners
  • High emissions from exhaust and black smoke
  • Leaks into engine causing fires and black smoke from engine
  • Burnt rubber smell in the cabin when engine running
  • Hissing sound of tires when normally driving on the roadway
  • Headlights defective and cloudy when it rains, or switching off with no warning
  • Frame holes in body frame that twists frame causing weaknesses during an accident
  • Crumpling inside the trunk unsafe in an accident, causing injuries to passengers in vehicle
  • Car alarm defective and won’t sound off when tampered with from intruders on the outside

If you have a problem with a Nissan vehicle that is a defective component on your car, truck, Crossover or SUV, you can call us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We will review your claim for free, its an easy call to make right now, to get the process started today.

Nissan - Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect lawyer attorney sue lawsuit lawyer attorney lemon

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You do not need to worry about attorney provisions right now, and you never need to pay us any money up front before we will start your case. We are here to help you with your lemon car claim, and we will be paid out of your final settlement, with no money due to us until that time. That is why it is super easy to call us today, we are here for you 24/7, just call now.

Model Years Affected 2013 to Present for Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect

The model years affected by the Nissan mass airflow sensor defect are 2013 to present, and may be applicable to all models of Nissan vehicles. If you have a new or certified pre-owned new Nissan vehicle, you can call us to review your claim for a defective mass airflow sensor.

How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon Car Claim?

The statute of limitations for a lemon car claim is 4 years, depending on the facts of your lemon car case.

What Are the Lemon Car Settlement Values?

The lemon car settlement values can vary from $20,000 up to around $250,000. Your settlement values will depend on the complexity of your claim, and any losses, expenses and damages related to your lemon car claim.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Lemon Car Claim?

Your claim may take between 3-5 months to settle, depending on the additional expenses, losses and damages related to your claim. This is the reason it is imperative to start the process right away, to not waste any time in getting the recovery compensation that you need in this case.

Nissan - Nissan Mass Airflow Sensor Defect sue compensation recall return lawsuit

Is My Leased Car Eligible for a Lemon Car Claim?

Yes, your leased Nissan car is eligible for a lemon car claim. We will want to check your mileage on the vehicle, to ensure that it is low enough to still be under the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle.

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