Ford Lightning Battery Defect

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the electrified version of the ubiquitous F-150 pickup truck manufactured by Ford Motor Company. In 2021, there were reports of a battery defect in the Lightning. The issue appears to be related to the batteries supplied by LG Energy Solution, which may have defects that cause them to catch fire … Read more

Ford Brake Fluid Leak Defect

In February 2021, Ford issued a recall for over 150,000 vehicles due to a brake fluid leak issue that could potentially lead to a loss of braking ability. The affected vehicles include certain 2013-2017 Ford Explorer SUVs, 2015-2017 Ford Taurus sedans, and 2016-2017 Ford Flex SUVs, among others. The affected vehicles were built at various … Read more

Can I Lemon my Ford Maverick if it Keeps Shaking?

Ford vehicles are preferred by consumers that want a solid and dependable car that will last them for many years. In particular, Ford is associated with heavy-duty trucks for leisure and work, such as the F-150 and the Maverick. Unfortunately, many owners find themselves disappointed by serious defects, including the Ford Shake – a constant … Read more

My Ford F-350 Keeps Shaking, Can I get my Money Back?

Ford has a reputation for being a maker of solid, dependable automobiles at affordable prices. But their vehicles, particularly their line of trucks, have suffered from many serious defects throughout the years. One of these problems is the infamous “Ford Shake,” which refers to a consistent shaking of the vehicle on highways, especially when the … Read more

Ford F-250 shakes

What Do I Do If My Truck Shakes, Do I Get a New Truck for This? Ford F-250 trucks are notorious for the “Ford Shake” on their trucks. The Ford F-250 trucks are known to shake in an uncontrollable way, when the person is just driving the truck under normal driving conditions. The shaking of … Read more