Is My Car a Lemon If the Stereo Is Not Working?

How Does the Car Dealership Justify Not Fixing a Stereo in a Lemon Car?

The car dealership cannot justify not fixing a stereo in a lemon car. The stereo system in many cars is part of the infotainment system, which accounts for the heart of the vehicle in regards to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and much of its internal technology. It can also be the area where the backup camera is housed, as part of the general infotainment system for the vehicle. In the case that the stereo is not working properly, there is a better chance that other issues with the infotainment will also be out of whack as well. If the car dealership decides not to fix a lemon car because it has too many significant manufacturer’s defects, then it is time for the auto manufacturer to give the consumer a buyback or a refund for the price of the vehicle. The money that you get back in a buyback or a refund is going to be minus any expenses, such as if you went excessively over the normal miles for the time you were in the vehicle. But a car dealership needs to try to repair a vehicle that has manufacturer’s defects first, before it gives up and makes the decision not to repair your lemon car.

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Manufacturers Need to Know That the California Lemon Car Laws Do Protect Consumers Who Are Forced to Buy Lemon Cars

California Lemon Laws are in place to protect consumers who buy a lemon car. These laws and regulations will allow a recovery on new and leased vehicles, which are still under the manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee. For instance, a used vehicle will have low miles and can nevertheless be covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee. These vehicles will usually be called a certified and pre-owned car. The California Lemon Laws will come to your assistance, and will offer a formal legitimate solution when you are getting burned because of having bought a lemon car. You may have never known that your new car was riddled with defects, deformities and problems, and you may thing that you just have to live with this situation. The good news is that you do not have to “just get on with it,” and you can get help when your vehicle has lemon car qualities that make it unsafe to ride on the roads.

The car dealership where the vehicle was bought is under an obligation to take the vehicle back and attempt to fix the defects and deformities related to the vehicle. The car dealership repair shop cannot drag its feet on fixing your lemon car. It needs to fix it in a reasonable and sensible measure of time, which usually means within 30 days or so. Of course, if they have to wait to order a special part, that may take a few days over this deadline, and that would usually be allowed.

If it comes to the situation that your lemon car just can’t be fixed, then the car manufacturer should stand up and repay you for your damages and losses. This can be accomplished with giving the owner of a lemon car a settlement with either a buyout, buyback or arranging for replacing the lemon car with another vehicle. This is the gist of the California Lemon Laws, and if you are having any problems with a car dealership ignoring your claims for reimbursement on a lemon car that cannot be fixed, you need to call our law firm right away. We are here to help you in this type of situation, and we will get to the bottom of the problem, to get your full recovery compensation package and settlement to you as soon as possible.

Common Defects When You Have Bought a Lemon Car Without Knowing It

You might experience a broken stereo and other faulty equipment on your lemon car. There can be other components on the vehicle that are damaged and defective, including:

  • Suspension damaged and cracked
  • Upward nails in cargo area
  • Unsealed holes in firewall
  • Hot engine when running, prone to smoking engine
  • Alternator defects
  • Free play steering wheel
  • Oil pressure losses
  • Engine no power
  • Knocking and clunking engine
  • Battery dies prematurely
  • Backup lights defective
  • Steering wanders
  • Leaks in water pump/cooling hose
  • Muffler defects and noise

We know it can be super confusing, when your lemon car has a defective stereo and other faulty equipment on the vehicle. Just pick up your phone, and call us today at Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 right now, to review your case and claim for losses and damages.

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Recent Victories for Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi Lemon Car Owners

Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi lemon car owners are going to benefit from a recent $14.7 billion settlement, regarding the “clean diesel” false marketing, shoddy sales practices and libelous products liability litigation from these auto manufacturers. This was regarding a fake clean diesel emissions rating that the three mentioned auto manufacturers gave themselves, that was not realistic and not true regarding the actual emissions of their make and model vehicles.

This action was initiated in 2015 from a number of litigations on the issue of Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi manufacturers cheating on the software in their vehicles that was used to fake emissions ratings, which violated consumer rights, federal laws and industry standards regarding emissions testing. The ratings were affecting the 2.0- and 3.0-liter diesel engines on Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi vehicles, and were unfair to the consumers who purchased these cars.

The consumers believed their cars were getting a higher level of emissions rating than the cars were really putting out, which is cheating the government, the consumer and the planet for the higher actual emissions tests that confirmed these bogus results. In the end, Volkswagen did admit to cheating on the emissions testing with an illegal device, and the litigations being settled now will reimburse the consumers affected by these false and illegal ratings.

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