Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Lemon A Car?

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Lemon A Car lawyer attorney recall

Your insurance rates need not go up because you have a lemon car, unless owning and driving that lemon car has gotten you into a car accident with damages and personal injuries. It is not your fault if your new car is a lemon car, and your insurance company should not go and raise your rates for you being stuck with a defective vehicle. Your insurance company is free to raise its rates at any time, and the rates can vary by states for that reason. Also, if you are of a certain young age, your rates will vary as well and be higher than if you were of a more senior age range. It is important to understand the real reasons for your insurance rates going up, and if it is in your power to lower your rates with a chat with your insuring agency. But if you are interested in getting reimbursed for the damages related to your lemon car claim, then you need to give us a call today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group, where we can review your claim for free and act on it right now.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Lemon A Car lawyer attorney sue lawsuit attorney

What Are Some Factors That Can Raise Insurance Rates?

If your insurance for your vehicle has increased, it may not be because you own a lemon car. Your insurance company is able to raise the rates at their whim, which will likely have nothing to do with the car you own being a lemon vehicle. There are other factors that are more likely to raise the rates of your insurance, namely:

  • Make and model of the car
  • Buying a new car
  • Buying a car highly likely to be stolen
  • Buying a car hard to insure
  • Buying an antique car
  • Having many traffic violations
  • Engaging in several car accidents
  • Getting many tickets on your license
  • Long commute times increase accident likelihood
  • Poor credit histories
  • Poor driving records
  • Area where you live has high change of car being damaged (big city)
  • Marital status being single not married
  • Being male can pay less for car insurance after age 45 years old

These are many real reasons that your car insurance may raise up at the end of your term, or at the end of the calendar year. But owning a lemon car may not be one of those reasons, if you have not had an accident or an extenuating factor related to any of the above reasons stated. If you have ongoing questions regarding your lemon car claim, you can call us today to review it. Just dial us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537.

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Our law firm is here 24/7 to take your call regarding your upcoming lemon car claim. All that you have to do to get started on your recovery compensation package, is to let us help you get sorted on your lemon car claim. It is the first call that will set you up with an attorney, who will review your case and evaluate your claim entirely for free. What could be easier?

Manufacturer Defects for Vehicles That Turn Out to Be Lemon Cars?

When there are manufacturer defects on your vehicles that turn out to be lemon cars, it is a foregone conclusion that that will be the end result to this issue. Every lemon car has a manufacturer’s defect, and every manufacturer’s defect will result in your brand-new ride being a lemon car. You just can’t get around it, if you have a defective part or component on your car, you will likely have other issues with the vehicle. You can call us today to get the recovery compensation package that you really deserve, in this type of case. Just call now at the Guardian Lemon Law Group today.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Lemon A Car lawyer attorney sue lawsuit lawyer attorney lemon

Common Defects for Lemon Vehicles on the Roads Causing Havoc These Days

  • Fuel system defects
  • Fuel leakage
  • Differential pressure monitoring
  • Crankshaft defects
  • Gearbox housing
  • Painted add on parts
  • Door assemblies
  • Bent chassis
  • Hazard lights defective
  • Headlights defective
  • Frame holes in body frame
  • Crumpling inside the trunk
  • Car alarm defective
  • Power windows won’t roll down
  • Gauges don’t work
  • Smelly interior
  • Moldy interior
  • Seats cracked
  • Air conditioner not working
  • Windshield wipers not functioning

Any one of these manufacturer’s defects can be disastrous for a car, but if you have a lemon vehicle, you may be sporting more than one of these problems. In case that is the issue with your lemon car, just give us a call at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537 today.

Attorney Provisions for a Lemon Car Claim

There are no attorney payments that you need to make up front, when you give us a call for initiating a lawsuit on your lemon vehicle. It’s not an unusual idea that a law firm can get you the money you lost on a lemon car claim. Quite the contrary, you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer, and you can call us today at the Guardian Lemon Law Group to get the restitution you deserve on your lemon car claim.

Model Years Affected for Lemon Car Claims on Cars, Trucks, Crossovers and SUVs

There will be many cars affected by California Lemon Laws, but you will want to determine that your claim is valid before proceeding to recover on the merits of your case. Your original manufacturer’s warranty needs to still be in effect, when you make your claim for a lemon car.

How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon Car Claim?

The statute of limitations for a lemon car claim is 4 years, depending on the facts of your lemon car case.

What Are the Lemon Car Settlement Values?

The lemon car settlement values can range from $20,000 to $200,000, depending on your losses, damages and expenses related to your lemon car claim.
Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Lemon A Car sue compensation recall return lawsuit

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Lemon Car Claim?

It can take around 3-5 months to settle on our lemon car claim. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get down to business on your lemon car claim.

Is My Leased Car Eligible for a Lemon Car Claim?

Yes, your leased vehicle is eligible for a lemon car claim. All that you need to do to get the process started is to call us at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. Let us help you to get the manufacturer’s defects resolved on your lemon car, by calling us today to get the ball rolling on your lemon car claim.

Zero Fee Guarantee

You can use our zero-fee guarantee today, to manage your lemon car claim and ensure that you get the reimbursement that you deserve in this case.

Contact Us / Free Case Evaluation of Your Lemon Car Case

We are available to talk to you 24/7 regarding your lemon car claim. We can give you a free case evaluation for your lemon car case and upcoming lawsuit. All that you need to do is to call us now at the Guardian Lemon Law Group at 888.341.8537. We can connect you with a lawyer with experience in settling out lemon car claims, based on the applicable California Lemon Laws.

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